Major November Events to Enjoy in London

London Calling!

London is definitely not the city to spend evening at home. At dusk, this prim capital turns into a bustling and cheeky metropolis. If you are not tired after a busy day, it's time to join the nightlife of London with its pomp and colour in the world of events and concerts. London is a special place for music lovers thanks to the role this city played in the history of music in general, and in the life of the individual musicians. It constantly offers a tremendous encouragement and source of excitement and this November is not an exception, as a lot of exciting shows are going on in the city. If you wish to catch a glimpse of these events, you can get a hold of them at Ticket Select. We’d like to outline some of the most fascinating shows that are likely to entice the needs and wants of the public. Choose any of these venues and you will spend the time worth remembering for years to come.

Autumn will not seem dull with such concerts in London

1. Christine and The Queens

Christine and the Queens is a new name in the music of France. Behind this pseudonym is a 26-year-old Heloise Letisser, an author and singer, whose popularity is growing rapidly in France and Germany. The fan of David Bowie and Michael Jackson, she calls her music "freak-pop".

The scenic image of Christine is double-digit, bisexual, and androgynous: a delicate girl in a man's suit. The singer turns her concerts and clips in enchanting performances. Christine’s concerts are a synthesis of music, dance, and video. So, this is your lucky chance to see everything with your own eyes, as this extraordinary singer will debut in London on November 2nd and 3rd at 7:00 pm at O2 Academy Brixton. Hurry up to buy Christine and the Queens tickets to enjoy the performance!

2. Bring Me The Horizon

"Bring Me The Horizon" is a deathcore-team of Sheffield (UK), founded in 2004 by five musicians. "Bring Me The Horizon" played on one scenes with such world famous teams like "Iron Maiden", "Slayer", "Megadeth", and others. Becoming one of the most popular English-language extreme groups in Europe and the US, the band continues to tour hard, blasting with their music thousandths of halls around the world. The new program includes compositions from all albums that promise to give even the most incompetent listeners a complete picture of "Bring Me The Horizon".

Best British Group of 2015 invites you to the concert in London on October, 31st at 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm at The O2! A concert that will help you break away from the reality is the concert of Bring Me The Horizon. You only need to book Bring Me the Horizon tickets!

3. Twenty One Pilots

On November 11th and 13th, at 7:00 pm the Americans Twenty One Pilots will perform their show at Alexandra Palace. There are only two of them - one breaks the drum kit in the dust, the second conjures with synthesizer, sawing riffs of guitar and ukulele. Together they are capable of much - to raise the multitudes at the festival, spread the energy outside the club, make the ground vibrate under their feet indulging in a wild dance. Meet, Twenty One Pilots - daring and desperate Americans who can nearly everything, as it seems.

Indie-pop, hip-hop, Edm - leave these labels to others. Their music is an endless crazy party, when everything is loud, noisy, desperate and wonderful.

Twenty One Pilots is first of all the gigs, energetic, sunny, juicy, with the obligatory pinch of theatre confetti. This is a story behind each song, a painstakingly built concept and a subject close to every young person. This is a whole energetic melody of the twenty-first century.

We would advise you to look at their live performances yourselves to understand what we say. Buy Twenty One Pilots tickets to see this drive with your own eyes.

4. Rod Stewart

The 33rd place in the list of "100 Greatest Singers" rightfully belongs to the star by the name Rod Stewart. The timbre of his voice subdued thousands female hearts all over the world. World fame came to him with a solo career, but he began his way in rock bands.

Rock 'n' roll in the style of Rod Stewart is alive and continues to live with his restless and positive mood. We still continue to listen to our favourite hits and travel through time. Rod’s music works wonders, and it is an indisputable fact. Experts foresee that Rod Stewart tickets being highly requested by music fanatics all over the United Kingdom as he is set to tour London on November 22nd, 25th and 26th at 7:00 pm at The O2.

5. Jack Garratt

Jack is one of the most promising performers and producers from London. It is shocking but encouraging to learn that although Jack has only released one album called ‘Phase’ in 2016, he still manages to light up and excite the crowds of people or music fans who come to watch him perform in his craft. He is a talented soul who manages to use several musical instruments at a go; this in return forms a rather fresh and unique sound of music.

Jack Garratt tickets are already underway. The concerts in London will take place on November 23rd and 24th, at 7:00 pm, at Eventim Apollo.

6. Simply Red

Celebrating its 30th career anniversary, with the best songs and a new album, they will give their concert on November 25th, at 7:00, at SSE Arena, Wembley and November 26th and 27th, at 6:00 and 7:00 pm, at The O2.

"Simply Red" is back in fashion, and is considered one of the best British groups. Having sold 60 million records, "Simply Red" can be proud of one of the most impressive list of hits, including "Holding Back The Years", "If You Do not Know Me By Now", "Something Got Me Started", "Stars", " Fairground "," The Air That I Breathe "," For Your Babies "and" Sunrise ". Do not miss the chance to listen to some of them in London, buy Simply Red tickets just now. The soul of "Simply Red", excellent composition and a unique talent of Mick Hucknall have been pleasing more than one generation. Feel this magic yourself!

7. Justin Bieber

Do you want to see Justin Bieber live performance in London? Do you want to plunge into the exciting atmosphere of a live presentation of Justin Bieber? It is not a problem if you visit one of his concerts in London on November 28th and 29th, at 7:00 pm, at The O2.

Despite his young age, Justin Bieber has already succeeded to win the hearts of millions around the world and released several studio albums. His clips are among the most talked about on the Internet, concerts collect millions of fans, and discs are sold out in seconds. Justin is a tremendous performer of youth music both in R&B and pop style. Currently, Justin is at the peak of his glory and success. He continues to make headlines from making music, acting in movies and in different scandals.

It's time then to buy Justin Bieber tickets. Don’t you want to stay away from what is happening? Will this be your first introduction to the Justin Bieber concert or another concert of the idol? It is simply inexcusable for the true fan to miss this action, which will unfold on the stage.

8. Jess Glynne

Concert of Jess Glynne is one of the highlights of the year! Her concerts always give you tons of unforgettable emotions and impressions. The incredible energy and charisma of Jess Glynne amazes and fascinates from the first notes, and to hear this artist at a live concert is a dream of many. Are you among them too? Then do not delay the purchase of such a sought-after Jess Glynne tickets for tomorrow. Do not miss this unique spectacle, which will be held on the stage of The O2, on November 30th, at 7:00 pm! Purchase tickets and plunge into the world of music with a stunning head. Each concert of Jess Glynne is an incredibly long-awaited event, and tickets are bought at high-speed pace. Do you want to be the part of this wonderful event? Hurry up to feel the enchanting magic of live performance of Jess Glynne!


1. Wicked

"The main hit with audiences and critics alike" (BBC News), Wicked has won over 90 international awards including the Olivier Award for the most popular shows, Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best night and Whatsonstage Award for Best West End Show and Best New Musical. Since its opening Wicked was one of the highest-grossing show on Broadway. It moved to London Apollo Victoria Theatre from America and was a success in 2006. The musical, written by Stephen Schwartz, based on the book by G. McGuire, is not as fabulous as the book is. It is more tragic and real. This is a kind of a prequel to the Wizard of Oz before Dorothy got there. The action revolves around Elphaba, misunderstood young girl who grows up and becomes the evil witch of the West. Partially, the story complements the old fairy tale of The Wizard of Oz. Many characters, including Glinda, the good witch of the North, are familiar to anyone who has read or watched "The Wizard of Oz."

The musical "Wicked" is considered a girl's formulation of the famous story, so buy Wicked tickets and bring your daughters to Apollo Victoria Theatre from October 31st!

2. Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys is a Broadway hit. This incendiary musical tells the story of Frankie Valli and the group The Four Seasons - the famous American pop group of the 1960s, their rise from completely unknown guys from New Jersey to the world-famous pop stars. In the musical, you will be able to hear more than 30 songs of this group, including such hits as “Sherry”, “Big Girls Do not Cry” and “Cannot Take My Eyes Off You”.

Jersey Boys is considered one of the best contemporary musicals worthy mentioning in the section where to go in London. You will have a chance to plunge into the very unique atmosphere of New York '60s, with its beauty and sincerity of danger, full of never obsolete melodies. This is incredibly funny and sometimes sad story of the real life, the four real people who created great music.

The musical consists of 4 parts - each season belongs to one of the band members. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, from the 50's when they decided to create a group and up to the 90’s when they entered the Hall of Rock ‘N Roll Glory.

You can catch a glimpse of the Jersey Boys show at Piccadilly Theatre from October 25th by just buying Jersey Boys tickets. It is better to buy the tickets for the musical in advance, because this musical holds the 11th place in the ranking of the most popular shows of all time.

3. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

The tale of Roald Dahl about the boy Charlie and the mysterious confectioner Willy Wonka comes alive in a new West End musical at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London from October 31st. When Charlie wins a golden ticket to visit the weird and wonderful Wonka's chocolate factory, he is given a chance to eat all the sweets, which he had always dreamed of. But after passing through the gate of the factory, Charlie and the five other lucky kids realize that everything is not as sweet as it sounds…

The musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have full houses at the famous London theatre, so hurry up to buy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tickets, because the famous Scottish playwright David Greig and Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes adapted the story of Charlie Bucket for the stage. The costumes are created by the artist Mark Thompson, the composer is Marc Shaiman and the choreographer is the winner of the theatrical Lawrence Award Olivier - Peter Darling.

It is worth noting an undeniable advantage - a great casting. For example, the boy selected for the role of Charlie, is distinguished with amazing sincerity and charm, which are clearly visible even in the theatre, as the close-ups of Charlie and other actors are broadcast on the big screen. This technique, which allows combining cinema with theatre, gives viewers the chance to relate with the characters.

This wonderful musical will leave neither kids nor adults indifferent. Just enjoy it with your family, as it is suitable for children from 6 years old.

4. Thriller

After three successful concert tours around Britain and Europe, where the performance was met with a standing ovation, Thriller Live slides with a "lunar" gait into the repertoire of the West End Lyric Theatre from October 25th. This spectacular show of the highest level is dedicated to the career of Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5. To recreate the unique choreography and transmit the characteristic sound of Jackson's hits, Thriller Live uses eye-popping multi-media effects. Stunning dances are staged by the director Gary Lloyd – the winner of prestigious awards. The second choreographer is a five-time MTV award-winner Lavelle Smith Jr.

Over forty years of his career, Michael Jackson sold 750 million records, including the “Thriller” album that is still the most commercially successful. Thriller Live is more than two hours of hits in the "non-stop" mode and a dazzling spectacle, reminiscent of the legendary live performances of Michael Jackson.

Buy Thriller Live tickets and you will get a chance to trace all the stages of the ascending career of the King of Pop, starting with small performances in the group Jackson 5 and ending with his incredible solo career during 2 hours of the musical.

5. Mama Mia

Mamma Mia! is one of the most popular musicals not only in London but in the whole world. Well-known hits of ABBA – “Dancing Queen”, “Thank You for the Music”, “Money, Money”, “The Winner Takes It All “- the audience sing together with the actors during the performance.

Irresistible, sunny, musical comedy has already been estimated by 54 million viewers worldwide. And if you're in London - it might be time to buy Mamma Mia tickets and see it at Novello Theatre from October 25th. No matter how old you are, you will appreciate this show.

The action takes place on the beautiful Greek island. The desire of Sophie to meet her father before the wedding confronts her mother face to face with three men from her distant romantic youth. This meeting they will never forget. The plot is an interweaving of comedy situations that are emphasized by the solar ABBA music, original costumes, and witty dialogues. The musical traces two main lines: the love story and the story of relations between the two generations on the background of 27 hits of the Swedish group. It is a life-affirming story of love and friendship told by your favourite songs of ABBA.

Add Music and Colors to Your London Nightlife

As November slowly looms, Londoners and its guest from across the world will not be bored attending at least one or two of the events mentioned above. The offered venues are sure to make this November the time that you are sure to remember. Make your life full of memories and unforgettable moments, enjoy every second of it, as tickets select provide you with numerous opportunities starting with watching Justin Bieber to catching the Wizard. In London, it is possible to find any entertainment for your taste, just look for! We do hope that you will not pass the chances to add colours and music to your nightlife!