Once getting through the degree, the first thing we all plan to go for is to work on our resume. Some take help from seniors and use their resumes as a sample to proceed while some just work on their own. Out of all these people, very few realize how important it is to have an apt CV as it is going to create the first impression which will help in life long decisions. A well-written resume can help people to land at the organization of their choice with the position they were hoping for.

We all differ in terms of skills and experiences so it clearly means that using someone else's resume won’t work for us and we need to make it strong enough that our resume attracts employers' attention over other people’s CV. People who apply for corporate jobs have different dynamics to consider as compared to the people who belong to arts. In technical or corporate jobs, people are more concerned towards hard skills and technicalities which can be analyzed with some test but there is no subjective way to judge creativity unless someone is given a chance to prove themselves and to get that chance it is really important to make your mark with the resume which compels the other person to call you for the job interview.

Put the Best Stuff

Marketing speaks above everything and at this point of time you are going to sell your skills. You need to portray them in such a way that other people just could not resist without meeting you. Mention your skills and abilities but do not mention anything which is not true. Your resume is your first impression and it will speak up for you at various places. Make sure that the best experiences and accomplishments are mentioned at the top, and the hiring manager can easily read them. As a person reviewing a resume hardly spends 5-6 seconds to make a decision whether they are going to call that person or not. Your resume just should help them to make a positive decision in your regard. Make sure to put the best things about your professional experience which makes your resume noticeable and proceed with the rest.

Consider an Online Supplement

People belonging to the art domain can’t share all the necessary details and work all at once. While sending your resume do share a link of your online portfolio from where hiring managers may see your work. Some sites help you to create a portfolio of your work along with reviews and recommendations. Opt for those tools and work smartly to get noticed.

Carefully Stand Out

While working on this single piece of paper, you have to make sure that you stand out from the rest. Don’t get mixed with other 1000s of people who are also applying for the same position. If you are not certain about your resume, it is better to take assistance from some expert, because at the end of the day, you’ll be sending it to numerous places. CraftResumes.com has been creating one of a kind of resumes for all those people who never compromise on quality.

Use Keywords

Go through the job description vigilantly and then use all keywords in your resume. Using keywords in the resume will make it get noticed and gives a better picture of the work done. Also use bullet points while mentioning details, it enhances readability. Reverse Chronological

It is preferred to list all details in reverse order, from recent to older ones. Information older than 10 to 15 years can be avoided if it is not relevant anymore. In the experience section, always put the current job first and while mentioning education, the latest degree should be at the top. These points make it easy to analyze where you currently stand.

List Out Your Skills

While applying for a certain position, make sure that you list out all relevant skills. If it is related to music then list all the instruments you can play and your expertise in those instruments. If you are applying for some tech-related job then list all the technologies you have expertise in but they should be related to the job you are applying for. Avoid mentioning basic things such as MS Word or MS Office, etc. as at this point of time almost everyone knows how to use such tools.

Include Contact Information

Do not miss your contact information. It is very important that there is some way in which hiring managers may contact you. Mention your phone number and professional and available email id. While mentioning email, make sure that it is professional and not something you made in teenage years such as “[email protected]” , such email id create a negative impact and decrease your chances to be considered as a bright choice.

Create Custom Resume for Every Job

If you are going through the job hunting process and looking for different job roles related to your field then you need to act smart at this point. Go through the job description of each position and design a resume in accordance with that. Customize it accordingly so that the hiring manager would get to know that you totally understand what you are getting yourself into.

Make Strategic Use of the Font

While working on your resume, the important thing to consider is that it is readable. If the hiring manager can’t transition smoothly through the resume then there is no point in creating one. Use bold, italics and caps wherever it is needed. Resumes having clear and readable fonts and format are more appreciated and preferred over the complex ones. The right format will surely do a lot for the resume.

Choose a Resume Format Wisely

The resume format is based on different circumstances. Your personal and professional choices are of high priority while opting for the layout. Choose the one which aligns with your education, professional experience and skill set. Never go for the copied version and prefer to invest time and effort while working on a resume because it is worth it. Customize it in the best way and make it representable.

Usually, there are three types of formats that are commonly used based on the field you are applying for. Reverse-chronological, combination and functional or skills-based, consider the format which brings your strongest side forward and makes your resume noticeable.

If all these points are considered while working on the resume then there are bright chances that your resume will rock and will help you to land for the interview. Once you are called for the interview, you can create your magic easily. Stay relevant to your field and avoid careless mistakes. Make compact arguments so that the hiring manager gets intrigued and would love to meet you in person. If you belong to the arts field then you need to pay more attention to awards, exhibitions or events you performed at. Also update your CV from time to time. Learned new skills? Add it to your resume. Taken on new responsibilities? List them too. This will help you to stay organized and next time when you’ll be applying anywhere, you’ll have sufficient information to proceed with.