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Womanby Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BR
Currently known as a Full Moon Club, this is a fairly fresh establishment that opened its doors to the public in October 2013. The venue has quite modest people seating capacity of 180 for live gigs and 260 for club nights. However, their wide range of liquor and spirits and a variety of live music events and gigs, as well as its convenient location, make it one of the most popular venues in Cardiff.

Venue Details

Getting there

The Full Moon Club is located on Womanby Street right in the heart of Cardiff, UK. The location is easily accessible by road, train and bus. By train: if you choose to travel to the Moon Club by train, the nearest station would be Cardiff Central Railway Station which is within 8 minutes of walking distance to the venue. By bus: buses 122 and 124 can take you to Castle 1 station, 5 minutes away from the club. By car: if you choose to take a car to the venue, the best way to get there is to take A4161. However, keep in mind that your route will mostly depend on your departure point. International: if you are ready to attend the party at the Full Moon Club right after your plane landed at the Cardiff Airport, the best way to get there is to take the T9 express bus route that will take you to the Customhouse Street bus station. The venue is within 8 minutes walking distance from the bus stop.

Parking facilities

The Full Moon Club has no parking facility on its own, but there are plenty on-street parking spaces available for your convenience.

Access for people with special needs

Even though there is no information about the accessibility of the venue be people with disabilities provided, the guests of the Full Moon Club are welcome to contact the administration of the venue if the arrangements have to be made. The management of the venue will do their best to accommodate any inquiries.
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The Undercover Hippy
£ 14
The Undercover Hippy
£ 11


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