Importance of Internships

Why do so many college kids around the world do whatever they can to land an internship during the summer? Summer breaks usually go on for around four months. Instead of just wasting time by sitting around and doing nothing, it does not hurt to plan ahead and get the necessary work experience that will help you excel in your professional career. 

Internships are doors to opportunities. In this context, the word “opportunity” translates directly to secured employment. Doing well in school is important but having work experience puts you in such a good position when applying for jobs after graduation. 

Why do an internship abroad?

Aside from work experience, what is it that makes internships abroad so unique and attractive? The fact that you will get to travel and explore new countries, places, and cultures is certainly a positive driving force for anyone to do an internship abroad. But aside from all this, internships abroad really do help you explore yourself and dig deep down into your heart to really find your passion. 

Internships abroad are distinct and special. Consider this your own opportunity to travel on your own, while living as a mature adult. Career wise, internships abroad also bring so much to the table. What are some of the perks to an internship abroad?

About us

  • Culture Immersion: It does not come as a surprise that you will get accustomed to the traditions, values, and culture of a foreign country when living there. Why? Well, you are spending quite the amount of time there. Culture immersion can open various doors to unique opportunities while widening your perspective on the world. It is not promised that you will know the place as well as the people that live there, but you will definitely understand it better. 
  • Meeting new and different people: Being in a new environment means meeting new, and different, people. One way or the other, who you meet during your internship abroad will carry some sort of sentimental value in your heart. From work colleagues and mentors to new friends, by the end of your internship you will realize that you have learned more about yourself than you do about them. On certain occasions, you’ll run into a few people that never see eye to eye with you. Be patient and you will see the bigger picture by the end. 
  • Traveling: Now is your chance to explore all the neighboring countries. A lot of countries in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, are extremely close to one another and you should take advantage of this and visit some of the attractions that are well known worldwide. It is time to check things off your bucket list. 

Asia Internship Program is an international internship service provider that takes top candidates and significantly improves their knowledge, skills, and employability with our international internship programs. Professionalism goes a long way and at AIP, we realize the imperative importance of work experience and its contribution to one’s career.  We are the leading internship placement provider in Asia, and one of the fastest growing organizations in the international education industry.

We strive to develop today’s new and innovative generation so that they are prepared to discover and achieve original methods of conquering future global issues. AIP’s core value is rooted in the idea that students will develop as a professional individual through exposure to international working experiences. Doing so will allow students to apply the principles they learned in school to real world situations. 

AIP’s way of operating 

Finding internships on your own can be very difficult, especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life. Where do you start? How do you make your resume stand out? Lucky for you, we are here to help and provide you with all the necessary assistance that you need. So, exactly how does AIP operate? 

  •  Fill up the application form: During this stage, you will have to fill out the application form online on AIP’s main website. You will need to fill out the industry that you are interested in, how long you want to do your internship for, when you would like to start, and finally, choose the destination that you would like to go to. Once you’ve submitted the application form, our administration team will evaluate it and set you up for an interview with a representative from AIP. 
  • The initial interview: Now is your chance to get into specific details about your internship. You’ll get to speak to a representative from AIP, that will outline the whole process and describe to you how the placement process works. Be very specific about what you want to achieve as AIP tailors internships based on your wants and needs. 
  • The placement process: Once accepted into the program, AIP’s placement team will do the hard work for you. Sit back & relax while we contact companies on your behalf. We will keep you posted and informed once companies respond back to us. In addition, our placement team will also enhance your resume to make it look more professional, attractive, and appealing towards our partnered companies. 

The future of employment is remote work

Emma Goldman once stated that, “Out of the chaos, the future emerges in harmony and beauty.” If the COVID-19 pandemic has proven anything, it is the fact that there is always a silver lining, even in the craziest of times. The whole world was forced to switch into remote work for months and to be frank, it took some time to adjust to. Fast forward four to five months later and companies, worldwide, are still implementing this strategy into their operations. Why? Because remote work is efficient in a variety of ways. Whether you are an employee, or employer, the benefits of remote work can be enjoyed by all. 

Why should companies implement remote work?

  • An abundance of applicants: With the base idea of “working from home” companies can technically hire employees from all around the world. This way, companies are not limited by just interns, and potential candidates, within the same geographical location.
  • Remote internships can help reduce cost: This is an idea that SMEs and startups should not take lightly. Cost efficiency is an important aspect for SMEs. How can hiring remote interns help? Remote interns will eliminate the option of having to spend more money on temporary employees.
  • Project-based remote work: A lot of employees in today’s world do project-based work, in which they come into the office only when extremely necessary. The duration of project-based work is somewhat short and it is an excellent time to hire remote employees or interns, and use them for scheduled timeline work.  

Why should you do a remote internship?

Remote internships put meaning into the idea of “working from home”. Since most interns are college students the nature of remote work really resonates with the millennial lifestyle. Why? The millennial generation is all about independence, liberty, and not conforming to norms. Before the pandemic, one could say that the nature of remote work is orthodox. Work hours aren’t too strict as long as the assignment is done. Remote internships are perfect for the lifestyle of college students. 

What are some of its perks?

  • There is absolutely no need to commute. Doesn’t that sound nice? Forget about taking the train, or bus, along with everyone else. A remote internship allows you to work from home.
  • Even though you’re at home, you’ll get to interact and work with various individuals from different backgrounds, hence, you’ll have the chance to network and forge valuable connections.
  • Now is your chance to prove your worth. Work well with other interns from all around the world and by the end of your remote internship, ask for professional references from your colleagues. 
  • Due to its unique nature, a remote internship will certainly be an excellent addition to your resume. 
  • Put your communication skills to a test. An effective, and efficient, way of communicating goes a long way. In the meantime, you’ll also have the opportunity to use, and familiarize yourself with high-tech digital tools and applications.
  • Can remote internships land you a job? Oh yes, they can. 

Apply for an internship with AIP!

Whether you’re interested in an internship abroad, or remote internship, AIP realizes the importance of forging your own career path. Think of an internship as an audition for the actual job. If you “perform” well, you have bought yourself a ticket to employment, post-graduation. Let us help you connect with companies around the world.