Life coaching has become a trend globally, and more and more people are being inclined towards life coaching as a career. Being self-employed is a thrill for many, and many people prefer being their own boss, making their own schedule, and doing what they love.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a career where the life coach has a deep understanding of the principles of success and knows how to apply them in their career and personal life. The life coach can also help a person deal with stress and anxiety along with guiding them through a major life transition like switching careers or starting their own ventures. If you are unable to decide which path you should take, the coach can help you discover your career path and the industry you can flourish in. Not only career, but people seek assistance for marriage, spirituality, health, personality development, and entrepreneurship.

Qualities in a Life Coach

Positive Attitude

This is an essential quality as a positive attitude will ultimately inspire a person or the client to believe in the words being spoken to them. This will translate to motivation, and the client will be able to find what he was looking for.

Listening Skills

Being empathetic and listening to the problems of your client is extremely important as listening will give the life coach subtle hints about what the person wants in their life. Lending your ear to whatever they are saying will help a life coach solve their issues more effectively. A good listener will be able to identify what the client is trying to express and can plan the agenda for the sessions.

No Judgements

A lot of people become judgemental upon listening to a problem or opinion that is beyond anything they have ever faced. However, this is something a life coach cannot do. Every day a life coach will face a client who will be having a different opinion that he won’t agree with but the life coach has to realize that in the view of the client, his opinion might be accurate. Through this, a life coach will be able to catch non-verbal hints without diluting his agenda in the session.


When a life coach is curious, he will be able to foster the ability to ask more and more questions to the client in order to understand their view. This will enable him to understand the feelings and goals of the client, and the life coach will be able to guide them on a path of success. A combination of questioning skills and curiosity is required to steer the conversation along the desired path. Through these questions, a client will be able to think deeply and gain clarity along with discovering the solutions.


A great life coach will be able to challenge their client to gain a deeper understanding of the issue plaguing them. This challenging attitude will force the client to face reality around them and grasp whatever is happening. This will enable clarity and honesty within the client, and the coach will be able to provide assistance for their issue. The journey to be a life coach requires self-challenging while ensuring he adds the necessary supervision at regular intervals.

Where You Can Find A Great Life Coach?

Happiness coach is the place where you can find great life coaches. Happiness Coach is currently associated with the top ICF certified coaches in India. With combined experience exceeding 100 years, their coaches have a proven laudable track record in the field of corporate and individual Life Coaching at both national and international levels. Many of our coaches also have a long history of commendable association with Fortune 500 companies.


A great life coach goes beyond the framework and instills new methods to create a path for their clients. Working on different formats depending upon the client’s requirements makes the life coach incredibly versatile while increasing his presence in the industry.