The services of is an informational website on SEO that can open the door to a world full of opportunities. If you are looking for a job, you want to retrain or even just perfect your skills then this is the website to visit.

What is SEO

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it refers to the optimization of organic (non-paid) positioning on search engines. In today's interconnected world, SEO has become a fundamental subject for anyone who works on the internet. Whether you are an e commerce owner, company, or even a local artisan listing on Google My Business, you will need someone to optimize your online presence. This professional figure is the SEO specialist.

Given the great development of websites, if you want to ride the wave by acquiring new skills or perfecting those you already have, you will need to know these techniques. Wondering how to get the necessary preparation? - a portal to learn SEO

Velia De Laurentiis, an SEO specialist with several years of experience behind her, has created this portal precisely to make her knowledge and experience available to those who want to learn and go deeper into these techniques. The website offers methods and insights focused on SEO and the digital world. Whether you have a website or want to retrain with a growing profession this is the right place to discover the world of search engines.

How to study SEO

This website offers several approaches to SEO. Velia De Laurentiis offers an excellent SEO consultancy service, for those who have a project in mind but don't have the time to study this subject. However, for those who want to put their hands in the dough, he has made available different ways of using his experience.

SEO Guide

The website contains a detailed guide to good SEO practices with an examination of the various ranking factors defined by Google. With a passion born of a self-taught approach, the explanations you will find in this guide are simple, but accurate and in any case thorough. These indications will be immediately usable in practice.

SEO courses and SEO Copywriting

The portal, in addition to providing in-depth information, gives access to three levels of seo courses: - Basic level for beginners where the essential concepts of SEO will be explained. - Intermediate level where you become able to apply more in-depth notions to your project. - Advanced level where it is possible to deepen particular techniques of special interest. Velia De Laurentiis also offers SEO copywriting courses, with, in addition to the theoretical technical explanation of writing content from an SEO perspective, it also provides the opportunity to practice. Because it is the practice that will make what has been learned usable for a job. All these online SEO courses are individualized courses tailored to the student in both his skills and needs.

The evolution of

Since SEO is a constantly evolving area due to the continuous updates of Google's algorithms, flexibility and dynamism are required. reflects these two characteristics, in fact other courses related to the digital world are being planned.

Learning SEO for Growth

Don't limit your personal growth. Now you've found where to learn SEO, so take the opportunity to refresh yourself with new tutorials or in-depth and updated improvement. Visit