The world of events is very complex and day by day the competition increases. As a result, standing out becomes a hard task and the creation of new ways to grab the attention of people, vital. So, if your event has to do with fashion, the most important thing is to offer extra value. Once you find what that relevant value is for your audience, focus on it and start working on your sales strategy. In the following blog, we will show you how to sell tickets for your fashion event easily and without complications.

Why you need marketing for your fashion event

Event marketing has become very important in the entertainment industry. It’s because of it, that brands now held more and more meetings and increased their production. Most often than not, a brand carries out an event to:

• Launch or update a product.

• Advertise a brand.

• Promote networking, among others.

However, the goal of these events is to offer an entire experience to guests. All of this so they don’t forget your brand for a long time. If you need to know more about fashion marketing check this blog for more information. When planning your marketing strategy to sell tickets for your fashion event, you must consider some points. The first step you must take is, of course, defining your objectives. Besides, you must define who the event is directed to, that is, your target. This point is very important because it will help you design the event based on the interests of your guests. It’s also relevant to have a website with the latest trends to show all of your trends and news from your brand, here’s an example of how a marketing strategy can help you with your own website.

Tactics to sell all your fashion event tickets

Selling tickets online may not be as easy as it seems. However, here are some tactics that can make the process easier for your business:

Social media

Social media is the best way to promote and sell tickets for any fashion event. Why? Because these platforms are large enough to reach a large reach of customers. Here are some of the best techniques for the creation of social media campaigns:              • Post an attractive ad or flyer of the event with all the necessary information.

        • Add your event or create event pages whenever possible. For example, in the case of Facebook and LinkedIn, you can create events and invite your followers.

         • Make a video promoting everything they will see at the event. This way you will attract them with the need to see something new.

Landing pages

There are many ways to use event landing pages to sell tickets. The reason why you should have a website is that it gives you more credibility and also works as a cover letter. However, an online site is sometimes not enough and this is when landing pages work best. The advantage of using a landing page instead of referring interested people to your website is that it offers a much more streamlined experience. When it comes to an environment that is [/url][url=]uniquely branded for your event.

Everything your clients need to know about the event is there, along with a call to action and a route to finalize their ticket purchase. On the other hand, when stakeholders return to the overall company website, you run the risk of the visitor getting lost or distracted by other information.

Live chat

Many people prefer to be advised and guided by real people. That's because online consumers might need to ask some questions and talking with a real person gives them security and confidence.


The same thing happens in events. Sometimes simple questions delay the purchase of a ticket and if they cannot get an answer, they won't buy it. As a result, allowing your client to talk with a real team member through live chat creates a channel for quick responses. Thus, allowing them to continue with the process. Live chat also allows you to enhance the registration experience in several ways:

     • Help tech novices through the registration process before they get discouraged and leave the site.

      • Improve personalized attention at a lower resource cost than a phone line.

       • Provide real-time answers to questions from multiple registrants simultaneously, avoiding the wait times that come with a phone and email support.

• Help you overcome language barriers (accents can be difficult to understand over the phone and, as a written form, is denied by chat).

Some of the most important tips for your team when starting the live chat is that they should introduce themselves welcome the site in the chat and always maintain a positive attitude.


Remarketing is a system that allows you to re-impact users who have already visited your website or a specific section of it, but who didn't specify any action to purchase tickets. There are many possible reasons why they didn't buy a ticket. However, you must find new and better ways to attract them again to close the transaction. In this case, it's good to activate a reminder and send an advertisement online to invite them to buy the ticket. By collecting data from your remarketing customers, you can start generating numerous audiences. Thanks to this, you can target them with online ads using Google AdWords and other online ads. Here, are some tips on how to boost remarketing:

• Collect user information, especially contact information, early in the process so you can keep track of them and recognize when they return.

• Offer extra services that your client has already looked at in the past and call them back to close the transaction.

         • Find users who have started the ticket buying process but have not yet turned into a real ticket sale.

Email Marketing

This is also anchored a bit to the previous point. Through the information provided by your customers who previously purchased tickets for one of your fashion events, you can contact them again. The best way to do this is through engaging emails, videos, and calls to action.

Some experts in marketing strategies recommend running a discount or promotional campaigns. This creates a feeling of need in the client to attend. Besides, if you offer them a way to be part of the fashion event, they will be more attracted to buy tickets. Alongside this, you can also offer them some limited benefits. Analyze very well who your target is. Then, according to their needs and desires, offer additional elements that fit what they expect from a fashion event. Don't forget that the most important thing is to offer them an experience.

Create a level of exclusivity

Finally, give them a feeling of exclusivity if they buy tickets to your fashion event. Everyone likes the unique, exclusive and made just for us. That's why a fashion event must have a touch of exclusivity. Thus, creating a need in the consumer, that makes him want to be part of it. Some brands hold exclusive events with a small number of people. They often call them "intimate" and they aim to raise ticket prices while at the same time give more exclusivity to their clientele. What's important when selling tickets for your fashion event is to offer something new and unique? Thus, you must give everyone the impression that this event will be unforgettable. Finally, you must also keep constant communication with your client so that they trust your business.

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