How to Pay Less for Event Tickets

For the half of the world that enjoys the fruits of summer, some of the events that form the basis of summer holidays include attending sports events, movies, and concerts. It is not especially easy if you are looking to get your hands on these tickets. For example, tickets to watch a Manchester United game at Old Trafford are not easily affordable. Such is a massive discouragement considering the pomp and fun, which these games often bring.

It is necessary to bear in mind that searching for affordable entertainment requires patience, and most importantly, it requires one to know where to look. I realized that with movies, the task is far less complicated. However, with sporting events and concerts, it is quite difficult to identify second prizes. Here, we are going to ensure that you save up to your last coin, until when you decide to put it to good use.

How to Get the Cheapest Rates in Sports, Theatre and Concert Tickets

Choose your strategy! It is interesting to note here that identifying what forms your subject of interest is the only way which leads to a final and ultimate bargain. Knowing what you want, therefore, constitutes the foundation of your search methodology. It is advisable to find the cheapest and standard tickets if you want to attend British Athletics Championships, concerts by Ed-Sheeran or Olly Mars, or even sports events such as soccer or American football.

For hottest events, promotion deals may not exist. However, in a shocking turn of events, one should note that there are also websites where people sell their card at an affordable price. Such individuals are mostly those who have no further interest in their tickets.

Beat booking prices or fees

Sadly, when purchasing tickets consumers or members of the public sometimes go through a lot of struggle in buying them at the required price. Promoters place massive charges on postage fees, and booking fees. Some even go the extra mile of making sure that they charge you for those printed tickets sent via email.

To beat this added costs, the technique to use are very simple and only need careful follow-up. Start by discovering the face value of the ticket(s) you intend to purchase. After you have done this, understand that there are ways in which any member of the public can beat booking fees.

1. Visit The Venue

The main advantage of going straight to the place so as to buy the cheapest event tickets is because you avoid postage fees or other additional charges. If you live in proximity to the venue, you only purchase your tickets directly and on the first-hand basis from the place of attendance. Before you do this, however, give the personnel in charge of fees a call and learn if doing this is within the requirements. Lastly, to avoid credit card charges, pay through cash of debit card.

2. The Venue’s Website

Another tool to use is visiting the concert or sports events booking line. You will notice that fees will most of the time be quite affordable or cheap. It a rather common financial strategy by most agencies, some event tickets, for example, will only be sold through the company.

3. Get The Cheapest Ticket Agencies or Companies

In the case of sports tickets and the like, traditionally it was expected that the most reasonable time to get your hands on more affordable tickets is by attending afternoon games. A challenge that emanates in this is that most countries practice the twenty-four hours working routine. Therefore, afternoon movies may not always be possible for a select group of employed individuals.

Other than waiting for the time of day when you suspect tickets to be cheap, it is better first to compare agency rates. Some venues will go ahead and direct you to ticket organizations. As such it is critical to evaluate which firms charge less and then proceed on to buying your movie ticket. Experts recommend that if you are looking to save up to that last dime, compare and contrast at least three card companies, learning and noting down how they break down postage fees and other charges.

4. Ticket Comparison Sites

Ticket comparison websites should be the solution as they often cater for the bulk of the work. To get the best fees for either concert, sports events, or theatre tickets costs, evaluate and compare different prices from the various websites. Here, what is required is knowing what works best for you and then moving on to making the much-needed purchase.

5. Identify Ticket Resellers

A huge variety of people out there buy tickets only to resell them at cheaper rates later. They opt to sell their tickets because of varying reasons such as change of mind, sickness, lack of time which they thought they previously had, and even unforeseen circumstances.

Purchase Tickets from Ebay or Gumtree

For those people who are huge pop, rock, classical, grunge, or country music enthusiasts, you will notice that attending concerts will cause a huge decrease in the contents of your wallet. However, there are still a wide variety of ways to get your hand on cheap and easily affordable concert tickets.

By purchasing through Ebay or Gumtree, this has the possibility of forming a real money saving strategy especially for those events which are not entirely sold out. When fans cannot make it attend concerts which they already bought tickets for, they end up reselling them by posting charges and fees on this websites and non-sold out events sell at a lower price considering the slapped faced value.

Caution is the principle objective while buying concert tickets from these sites as there are many dodgy and false sellers loitering around, looking to inflict more pain in already what is a sore wound.

Get Tickets Before They Sell Out

The challenge that goes with concert event tickets is that they sell out in only a matter of seconds. Simple the best means of solving this is quite straightforward and straightforward. As a concert fanatic of enthusiast, all that you need to do is place yourself among the first bunch of people to get these tickets.

To do this, just like in sports tickets, here are some few guidelines which require keen follow up:

  • Sign up for those email alert messages - this texts will inform you of changes in price and most importantly, the dates the tickets go on sale.
  • Commit yourself - as most concert lovers would tell you, they often have an artist or group that fits their project of desire. Hence, to grab the best tickets before they ran out, make yourself known by signing up to their website, liking their Facebook wall or following them. You will go ahead to notice that in the case of any changes in for example the place and time of the concert; you will be one of the first people to know.
  • Outplay the touts - same as newsletters; it is also critical to visit hobbyist websites which take down and share advanced tour dates.
  • Priority Booking - mobile companies for example in Britain give consumers priority booking especially for concert events. A good illustration of such a company is the O2 through its O2 priority.

Do Not Be Discouraged

It is likely that you may at times find that tickets have already been sold out. Here, it is a show of emotional strength if you choose to remain calm and collected. Avoid rushing to eBay as you may further incur unwarranted charges. There are still ways to solve this conundrum. What is required is a great amount of patience as previously discussed.

Experts advise that in such conditions, wait until the dates are near and then proceed to buy. Bands and various other artists most of the time release concert tickets to new dates earlier. They do this to satisfy their loyal fans and music lover in a whole. Therefore, following their websites and commenting on their posts will go a long way in ensuring that you get the cheapest tickets immediately the opportunity pops up.

Take Part in Free Festival Entry

It is a show of high intelligence when one decides to be a steward or security personnel in concerts. By volunteering to perform under these rules, you will get to enjoy the show for free. Examples of the show to volunteer as a steward include Leeds, Reading and Bestival concerts.

A disadvantage of this is that you have to pay an enormous amount of money. Such is because the event coordinators and holders fear that after entry into the concert event, volunteers may choose to abscond from their allocated tasks.

Theatre Money Agency

The easiest ways to compare theatre ticket prices is by visiting websites that scan the best deals from some of the well-endowed ticket agencies. As most people would tell you, buying tickets on online companies is very cost effective.

You can get discounts on a huge variety of plays, for example Wicked. Tickets for various shows are available at competitive prices, with dates and times indicated. By visiting these agencies, therefore, you get to enjoy the full perks which come with cheap theatre tickets.

Exclusive Perks for Those Booking In Advance

The fastest way in which one can cut down on the concert ticket costs is through two between one and fifty percent off offers. It is important to go through all the laid out strategies before proceeding to make any bookings. The process of purchasing tickets here may only take a few minutes; therefore, it is essential to avoid any impromptu charges which may otherwise crop up.

Lastly, always check the face value first of the tickets on offer to prevent additional charges such as postage fees. By identifying the value of the tickets on sale, one can bargain on postage costs. If not, one may also purchase the tickets first hand or from the venue so as to all the same do away with this additional charge.

Buy Tickets from People Who Are Reselling

Search for individuals who might be selling tickets if your primary objective is to benefit from affordable discounts. As you near the date of the event keep your eyes alert for those people who possess tickets but due to one reason or another, are unable to attend. Individuals such as these opt to sell their theatre tickets online at relatively low prices. They do this with the help of sites such as Craigslist.

When deciding on the seating position, it is essential and critical to always remember that if you have gone through an offer from newspapers and magazines that subject you to come up with a code, withhold the schtum about the special offer till a future date. What is needed of you here is first to mention that you’ve had a deal mentioned to you after you have observed the seats offered. By doing this, they will refrain from offloading the easily affordable seats.

Stop Talking! It’s high time to enjoy London entertainments!

The world of sports, theatre, and concert events such as music and standup comedy has drastically changed over the cause of the last decade. People have developed a huge interest for artists such as Ed-Sheeran, plays such as the Wizard of Oz, and sports events such as the just recently concluded Olympics. Paying attention to this growing fan base is essential to make sure that organizers charge accordingly, and without exploiting the consumer or customer.

Discovering what suits you right is, therefore, paramount. Decide on what you want, look for the best means to achieve it and then go on to make a purchase. Patience and intelligence make up the foundation that is required to grab some of the best services and ticket sales that the world of sports, theatre and concert events have to offer.