I could start this article with a question to make you think about what a Digital Marketing Agency is.

How much time do you think people spend a day looking at the mobile phone screen?

In 2019, BBVA published an article about an investigation carried out by Rastreator, stating that in Spain we spend an average of 3 hours and 51 minutes a day looking at the screen of our phones, and 7.6 million users say they are addicted to their smartphone.

But what does this have to do with a Digital Marketing Agency?

Everything! Before, people used to see advertising on TV, on billboards, in brochures ... this is in the past. You yourself can stop and think about how many brochures you threw away without at least looking at it or reading it. Or how many billboards you went through without realizing what was being promoted.

Incalculable values ​​were advertising expenses without knowing how effective these ads would be, without knowing the real trends in people's behavior.

Currently all these "problems" are solved with digital agencies. What they do is allow, in a financial and objective way, that small and medium businesses can compete in advertising with other brands.

They know how to find the type of client that tends to be interested in your business or the service you offer, through specific tools that allow the reading of people's behavior while they surf the internet and teach only this potential client your advertising. It is as if the sellers know exactly who is inclined to buy their products. They are undoubtedly powerful business allies.

Hence the emergence of these agencies and the extreme need to hire their services. A Digital Marketing Agency is the gateway for your company on the path of digitization. Help businesses to have an online presence. What today is a question of survival.

Even job searches are done digitally. At Jobsora for example, they are leaders in providing this digital encounter between employer and employee. As Bill Gates himself said: "If your business is not on the Internet, your business does not exist."

I leave you a list of the services we provide in Wedobyte:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • Online Store Design - Ecommerce
  • Development of online training platforms - Elearning
  • App development
  • SEO / SEM positioning
  • Maintenance and web support
  • Creation and management of Social Networks
  • Digital marketing

Now that you know who we are and what we do, we will be happy to help you improve your online presence. On our website you will find all the means to contact us.