Changing the website and Google positioning

Undoubtedly, positioning of every website brings visible incomes and measurable benefits for the entrepreneur. Each website requires changes from time to time, which will improve its aesthetic aspects. The appearance of the website has a huge impact on sales, because the first contact of the customer with a specific entity usually takes place via the website. So, how to modernize the website in order not to lose the current positioning effects? We suggest in the article below.

Portability of external and internal linking

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect when making a website improvements is the correct transfer of the existing linking. Positioning of Google pages is usually an expensive and a pretty long process, that is why it is important not to lose the current effects. Before taking any steps, it is worth to prepare a list of all links, which are leading to the previous addresses. Then, it will be easier to make all necessary redirectings. It is worth using the 301 redirect, which will allow you to transfer positioning power from old links to new ones. In this way, the already indexed subpages of the website will not disappear and will not negatively affect the effects of positioning.

Similar optimization

While making an improvement of the website, it is necessary to take into consideration current rules of optimization. What does it mean in practice? Most of all, be sure to move the headlines in similar versions. It's also a good idea to keep a similar page title and meta description. The content from the previous page can be copied in its entirety, or you can also make it slightly more attractive, but with similar keywords that have been beneficial so far. All content should be unique, in line with SEO requirements and, of course, easy and legible for users.

Summary - what should you remember?

To sum up, in order not to lose the current positioning effects, when modifying the website, remember about:

    Correct tranferring the internal linking
    Correct tranferring the external linking
    Proper way of transfer ring headlines
    Keeping similar titles of pages and meta description
    Using similar key words

Creating websites in newer, improved versions should be entrusted to a professional company that will take care not only of all the above-mentioned elements, but also the speed of loading the page and its navigation, i.e. aspects that all users will certainly appreciate. It is worth getting acquainted with the offer of the Web Development company, which combines the creation of websites and their positioning in its activities.