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“Travis” is the British rock band from Scotland, named after the main character of the film by Wim Wenders “Paris, Texas.” The group was influenced by such artists as Oasis and Radiohead. Travis became famous for its numerous hits: “Driftwood”, “Sing”, “Turn”, “Side”, “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” and others. The cover version of the single by Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” gained particular popularity on both sides of the Atlantic after live performance at the festival in Glastonbury. The track was issued as a B-side to the single “Turn”. 

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Oddly enough, but even when Travis were at the peak of their popularity, very few fans had an idea about the participants of the collective. Many sincerely believed that “Travis” is simply the name of the singer. This paradoxical situation reflects the opinion of the musicians that their music is more important than the people producing it. It is hence the title of the third album “The Invisible Band” (2001).

Creative Work

In 2007, the fifth album “The Boy with No Name” went out. In early 2008, the group unexpectedly announced that a new album is ready to enter. The frontman Fran Healy named it “Ode to J. Smith”. This title means that album is dedicated to every person, as J. Smith – is a collective image of a person. The album features a rigid manner of performance, a large number of original vocal and instrumental invariants. If the soft and lyrical “The Boy With No Name” on the fourth place in the charts has caused contradictory responses, then “Ode That J Smith”, done in a tough manner, hardly grasped the end of the Top 20 with good reviews. After the sixth studio disc there was a period of silence, and only in August 2013, “Travis” returned with the album “Where You Stand”. In 2016, the latest album “Everything at Once” appeared.

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