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“Radiohead” is the British rock group from Oxfordshire. The group was founded in 1985, and its players didn’t change since then. The debut track “Creep” left in 1992 and at first remained unnoticed. However, it became a hit after the album “Pablo Honey” (1993). “The Bends” (1995) made “Radiohead” popular in Great Britain, and the 3rd album “OK Computer” (1997) devoted to alienation in society brought world success to “Radiohead” and it is considered one of the most significant rock albums of the 1990s.

About Radiohead

“Radiohead” exerted a great influence on modern rock music. In 2011, their albums were sold in about 30 million copies. The Rolling Stone magazine in 2005 placed “Radiohead” on the 73rd place in the list of the greatest musicians in the history. All albums since “OK Computer” and to “The King of Limbs” were nominated for the Grammy award as “The best alternative album”, all albums received the status of gold or platinum in the USA and Great Britain.

Early Days of the Group

Future participants of “Radiohead” together attended the closed private school for boys in the city of Abingdon (Oxfordshire). Then Yorke and Colin Greenwood were age-mates, Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway are one year older, Johnny Greenwood is two years younger. In 1985, they created “On a Friday” group. The name was chosen because rehearsals of the group took place in school on Fridays. Later, three saxophonists also joined the group.

Successful releases

In 1997 “OK Computer” release took place. The album represented the melodious rock with elements of electronic music with a bright emotional vocal of Yorke. “OK Computer” is considered the classics of rock music of the 90s and enters the list of "The best albums" according to various versions. At the 40th ceremony of Grammy, “OK Computer” was recognized as the best album in the genre of alternative music, and also was among the applicants for "Album of Year". The greatest success was achieved by “Karma Police” track (the 14th place in a chart of Billboard Modern Rock).

Official Recognition

“Kid A” left in 2000. Here “Radiohead” once again experimented with sounding and in the result the most "electronic" album of the group was created. The album “Hail to the Thief” was performed during summer Portugal and Spain tour. The album debuted on the 3rd place in Billboard 200, received the platinum status in Great Britain. In total, “Radiohead” were nominated for "Grammy" fourteen times, eight times for BRIT Awards, and four — for Mercury Prize.

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