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The history of rescuers of Britpop “Kaiser Chiefs” started in the mid-90s in one of Leeds city schools where three friends - Nick Hodgson, Simon Rix, and Nick Baines, nicknamed “Peanut”, studied. They created a school group “Runston Parva”, where Hodgson played the drums, Ricks – the bass and Baines – the keyboards. The case went to the recording of their debut album, when the record company refused to fund the work and severed ties with the group. The reputation of “thrown out with the label” firmly clung to “Parva” and the musicians got turned down wherever they came with their demo.

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Desperate Step

So not being able to achieve anything definite, the boys decided to take a desperate step: they buried “Parva” and reborn the group under the name “Kaiser Chiefs”. The first single “Oh My God” was issued in May 2004. Unexpectedly, it reached the 66 th place of the British charts - even though it was released in a limited edition. It was recorded in primitive conditions (in the bedroom of Nick Baines), but talking about the group and its concerts are beginning to flock to the public. The young group drew attention of NME, which celebrated “Kaiser Chiefs” with Philip Hall Radar Awards as the most promising newcomers and invited them in the NME-tour of the UK together with “Bloc Party”, “Futureheads” and “The Killers”.


Preceding the album release in 2005, the label reissued the single “Oh My God” and it immediately got in the Top-10, set up on 6th place and “Kaiser Chiefs” get on television rating chart “Top Of The Pops”. The debut CD of “Kaiser Chiefs” “Employment” started right at the 3rd position, and got to the top of charts in a few weeks. The second album, “Yours Truly, Angry Mob” was issued in 2007 and rose to the first place in the UK and up to 45th in the US. The single “Ruby” became the first British track in the top chats of “Kaiser Chiefs”, and was used in the Guitar Hero III game. At the Brit Awards 2008, “Kaiser Chiefs” were nominated in three categories. The same year they released their third studio album, “Off With Their Heads”. In 2011, “Kaiser Chiefs” let out the fourth album “The Future Is Medieval”.

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