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The Divine Comedy stand as an instrumental pop group from Northern Ireland formed in 1989. The band was created by Neil Hannon. In the early days, the band did not have a great commercial success, but all that changed with the release of “Casanova” (1996). The Divine Comedy are characterised by sophisticated vocal harmonies and clever lyrics, and that is one of the reasons all sorts of musicians wanted to collaborate with the band. Up to now, The Divine Comedy have released eleven studio albums. The band reached their climax between the years 1996–99 when nine of their singles made it in the UK Top 40.

About The Divine Comedy

A short „divine” history

In the beginning, The Divine Comedy’s music was defined by the indie style. At present, the band’s tune is part of the orchestral pop genre. After the release of the “Europop EP” (1992), the band split up for a short period. To record and release “Liberation” (1993), Neil Hannon opted to keep the band’s name - The Divine Comedy. “Something For The Weekend” from “Casanova” album (1996), was responsible for The Divine Comedy making it up to the UK charts. Neil Hannon said the album was influenced by the styles of Electric Light Orchestra, U2, REM and many more. Hannon’s tracks are legendary for their sarcasm as well as their baroque instrumentation.

The Divine Comedy in the new millennium

In 2001, The Divine Comedy signed a contract with the Parlophone label, under which the group released three albums – “Regeneration” (2001), “Absent Friend” (2004) and “Victory for the Comic Muse” (2006). After the end of the contract with Parlophone (2007), The Divine Comedy signed on with a new label, DC Records, under which the band released two more albums – “Bang Goes the Knighthood” (2010) and “Foreverland” (2016). Neil Hannon started a solo career and started a new band called The Duckworth Lewis Method, which was created together with Thomas Walsh. The band released “Foreverland” (2016) and announced a European tour for 2017. Their new singles “Catherine the Great" and "How Can You Leave Me On My Own" are pretty intricate and packed with surprises.

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Mon, 14 Oct, 7:00 pm
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