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Richard Stephen Sambora, professionally known as Richie Sambora, was born on July 11, 1959 in New Jersey, in a Polish-Italian family. As a teenager, he was influenced by Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Sambora’s name is strongly connected with the most famous associated act – Bon Jovi, in which Richie played for thirty years. Even now, when he left the band, people keep talking about his return. But actually, Sambora’s personal life and solo career have always drawn fans’ attention, with or without Bon Jovi.

About Richie Sambora

Bon Jovi

Before he joined the celebrated Bon Jovi, he played with a few bands, the most know of which are Message, Mercy and Richie Sambora and Friends. When Sambora got to Bon Jovi, he quickly found his place and started working on new projects immediately. He used a number of special musical techniques that made Bon Jovi songs sound unforgettable. In the late 80’s Richie and Jon created a recording label New Jersey Underground Music, which soon collapsed due to financial troubles.

First Works Solo

In 1991, when Bon Jovi temporarily split, Sambora released his debut solo album Stranger in This Town. It was also the most successful Sambora’s work, as it hit #36 in the US, while the next ones never got to the first hundred. In 1996, Richie Sambora founded a recording label called Mutiny. Besides releasing the albums of his own, he actively worked with various young musicians. The second solo album, Undiscovered Soul, was recorded in 1998. Richie Sambora also wrote the soundtracks to Beverly Hills 90210 and Party of Five.

Independent Career

In April 2013, it was announced that Richie Sambora left Bon Jovi. The reasons for such a decision were not reported. It was noted that Bon Jovi US tour would continue without Sambora. They say that in the song Come Back as Me (2013) Sambora turns to Jon Bon Jovi. In 2016, fans are waiting for Sambora’s fourth solo album Rise.

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