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Gun – the hard rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland, was founded in 1987, but they lasted together only ten years before splitting up, only to make a big reunion in 2008. The guitarist Giuliano Gizzi is the one who started the music project, initially called Blind Allez. He is still a member of the band, together with Dante Gizzi, Paul McManus, Andy Carr and Alex Dickson, despite a turbulent first decade and big changes that Gun had to face.

About Gun

Gun – the band that reinvented itself

The arduous sounding of the Scottish band has always been original and very adaptable, as Dante mentioned in a recent interview. Starting from their first album, “Taking On the World” (1989), up until the last one, “Frantic” (2015), the hard rock band has managed to keep a fresh attitude, a different touch on each and every single. Despite the metallic influence, there are a few songs perfectly designed to enchant the radio listeners – so the style is continuously adapting and transforming, while still keeping the personal musical touch which makes the band recognisable.

“Word Up” for Gun!

The band’s first success was the single “Better Days” from “Taking On the World” album, which made quite a big riot in England, being a constant presence in UK Top 40 for several weeks. Soon after that, the band supported The Urban Jungle Tour of The Rolling Stones, all across Europe. So it wasn’t a surprise when they embarked on tours with Bon Jovi and Def Leppard as well. However, “Swagger” (1994) remains the most successful of the nine albums the band has released so far, their version of Cameo’s “Word Up!” winning an MTV award for best cover version. Of course, the 1994 album had other hits, including “Don’t Say It's Over”, which made some waves when it was released. Gun had some amazing times for almost 30 years and, today, he continues on the musical trip, reinventing himself song after song.

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