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The history of “The Rolling Stones”, still incomplete, started in London in 1962. Its leader Brian Jones started the band, but over the time, he passed domination to a creative duo of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Despite its venerable age, the band “The Rolling Stones” began as the bullies from the music, and they justified their title. Surprisingly, but this musical phenomenon appeared namely in Puritan England. In the middle of the last century, when manners were still very restrained, these guys have become flagships of the sexual revolution.

About The Rolling Stones

Early Albums

Early albums, such as “The Rolling Stones” (1964), “12 X 5” (1964), “Out of Our Heads” (1965) mostly represented the cover versions of American blues and R&B compositions. Thanks to them, “The Rolling Stones” gained wide popularity.


Since an album “Aftermath” (1966), the songs made up by Richards and Jagger and were supplemented with instrumental experiments of Jones. Nevertheless, in 1969 Jones was dismissed, and soon died. Mick Taylor came to his place. The players of the band were changed for their long story more than once.

The Music

Approximately the same can be told about the music. The group widely became famous for the ability to incorporate various musical genres and to apply them in their recordings and performances. In the albums, they used the elements of country, folk, reggae, dance music, and at the same time – the national English melodies of string instruments, for example, a harp can be heard. But the main impact on the group was exerted by jazz and blues. The group members shared love to such musicians as Jimmy Read and Muddy Waters.


And in 1989, “The Rolling Stones” obtained the place in the American Hall of Fame of Rock'n'Roll. Their latest disk, “Bigger Bang”, left in 2005. I 2007, the musicians issued the smart collection “Rolled Gold: The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones”, which included tracks from their previous albums. And in a year, a compilation “Shine A Light” was issued.

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