Make this weekend count! Go to one of these 12 theatre shows

Another workweek is about to end and you haven’t figured out yet what your activities for the weekend are going to be? Well, staying in front of the TV all day long is definitely not a good option. You should know that there is a lot going on this weekend in the UK, especially when it comes to theatre shows and musicals. Here are 12 theatre shows worth considering for this weekend, 7-9 of July.

1. The Book of Mormon, on July 7 in London

Two young Mormon missionaries will make your Friday a lot more entertaining and pleasant. Their mission is to travel through Africa in order to preach their Mormon religion. Although they take their roles very seriously, the play satirises practices and beliefs related to the Mormon religion. You can see this play on the 7th of July in London, at Prince of Wales Theatre, at 7.30 pm, so buy your The Book of Mormon tickets right away!

2. Dreamgirls, on July 7 in London

Dreamgirls is about a young female singing trio called “The Dreams” who comes from Chicago, Illinois. The musical presents their road towards success, with both upsides and downsides. The book and the lyrics were written by Tom Eyen and the music for this Broadway musical was composed by Henry Krieger. You can watch the actors perform on July 7, in London, at Savoy Theatre, at 7.30. Don’t forget to buy your Dreamgirls tickets today!

3. The Philanthropist, on July 7 in London

Christopher Hampton, the author of this play, decided to write a response to “The Misanthrope”, a play by Molière and this is how “The Philanthropist” occurred. This “bourgeois comedy”, with the story set in an “English University Town” is going to make your Friday much more relaxing, so go now and buy your The Philanthropist tickets

4. The Woman in Black, on July 7 in London

What makes this play so special and worth watching is that there are only two actors that perform the entire play. Also, it is known as the second longest-running play in West End history after The Mousetrap and none of them is a musical. If you want to make your Friday evening more special, buy The Woman in Black tickets for this Friday, July 7, in London, at Fortune Theatre, at 8.00 pm.

5. Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales, on July 8 in London

Julia Donaldson is the author of four short stories encompassed in this play and just as the name suggests, one of the four stories is called “Tiddler”. The stage will be filled with many creatures of different sizes and coming from different environments, so you can bring your children to this play. Just buy them Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales tickets and be on the 8th of July in London, at Leicester Square Theatre, at 11.00 am.

6. The Wind in the Willows, on July 8 in London

The famous trio who worked on the worldly recognised musical Mary Poppins, formed by Julian Fellowes, George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, was reunited in 2016 to create the musical adaptation of the 1908 novel of the same name. It’s worth watching this musical at least once in a lifetime, so buy your The Wind in the Willows tickets today and be on the 8th of July in London, at London Palladium at 2.30 pm.

7. Otello, on July 8 in London

When Giuseppe Verdi wrote Otello, an opera in four acts, he probably didn’t imagine it will be so successful and will gain worldwide recognition. Otello is Verdi’s penultimate opera and was first performed on stage in 1887 in Milano. Under no circumstances should you skip this show, so get your Otello tickets and mark the date and the place – July 8, in London, at Royal Opera House, at 7.30 pm.

8. Jimmy Carr - The Best Of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits Tour, on July 8 in Derby

Jimmy Carr is an emblematic stand-up comedy image in the UK, known for his heckler interaction, dark humour and signature laugh. Although he also appeared in a series of television shows, he is best remembered for his career in stand-up comedy. If you want to enjoy some good laugh, buy your Jimmy Carr - The Best Of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits Tour tickets and be on July 8, in Derby, at Derby Arena, at 8.00 pm.

9. School of Rock The Musical, on July 9 in London

The musical follows the story of an out-of-work rock guitarist and singer, Dewey Finn, who has a job of a substitute teacher at a prep school. Once he sees great talent in some of his students, he decides to form a rock band of fifth-graders and compete in the Battle of the Bands contest. Buy School of Rock The Musical tickets and watch actors perform on the 9th of July in London, at New London Theatre, at 3.00 pm

10. Ricky Gervais – Humanity, on July 9 in Watford

Ricky Dene Gervais is one of the today’s most popular comedians, actors, directors, writers, musicians, singers and producers in the UK. The stand-up show entitled “Humanity” was meant to be staged in 2013, but it didn’t happen due to Gervais’ busy schedule. Now, he comes on the Watford Colosseum stage in Watford, on July 9, at 7.30 pm, to perform, so make sure you buy Ricky Gervais – Humanity tickets.

11. The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, on July 9 in London

If you haven’t seen this play yet, then you must include it on your activity list for this weekend! It’s a comedy play that presents the story of a group of people trying to perform a bank robbery, a story that is full of challenges that are going to make you laugh so hard! Get your The Comedy About A Bank Robbery tickets and be on the 9th of July in London, at Criterion Theatre, at 7.00 pm.

12. Turandot, on July 9 in London

Turandot is an opera in three acts written by Giacomo Puccini. The entire story is set in China, involving Prince Calaf, who irremediably falls in love with the well-known cold Princess Turandot. In order to marry her, Calaf has to solve three riddles. If your curiosity was stirred and want to see what happens next in this story, buy Turandot tickets for this weekend, on July 9 and be by 6.30 pm in London, at Royal Opera House. You won’t regret it!