12 shows happening the weekend between 15th and 17th of September

Summer is over and so is your holiday. But this doesn’t mean you have to get back to that routine everyone is getting attached to – waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, staying at work for eight or nine hours, going back home, getting in bed and repeat the cycle the next morning. There are tons of activities you can do once you walk out of the doors of the company you are working at and theatre shows are only one very good example. We gathered twelve theatre shows that you can attend this weekend in the list below.


A show that has the title “The Threepenny Opera” will probably make you say “Is this some kind of joke?”. Well, the truth is this show is actually an attempt to satirize operetta and traditional opera, which is why it also proclaimed itself “an opera for beggars”. If you want to know what this is all about, be this Friday, September 15, at Kings Theatre Edinburgh in Edinburgh at 7.30 pm. Buy your THE THREEPENNY OPERA tickets first.


Macca started a major both UK and European tour in order to celebrate the music of the legendary Paul McCartney. The one that stars the worldly-renowned artist is Emanuele Angeletti. Worth knowing is that Macca manages to cover every period of the artist’s musical career, starting with The Beatles and ending with his solo numbers. Buy your MACCA - THE CONCERT tickets and enjoy this great show this Friday, September 15, at Caird Hall in Dundee, at 7.30 pm.


This show has one main and great purpose: to help you relax and get rid of all stress you have gathered throughout the long week. You’ll have to “leave your 9 to 5 worries at the door”, because you’re about to enjoy the songs of some of the best artists in the UK and not only – Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, also known as the Queen and King of country music. Get your ISLANDS IN THE STREAM tickets and be on the 15th of September at Embassy Theatre in Skegness at 7.30 pm.


If you’re a fan of musical shows, “Wicked” is a must see. It is based on a 1995 novel called “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West”, written by Gregory Maguire, which was also inspired by the worldly-famous tale “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. This Friday, September 15, you’ll have the chance to watch this amazing show at Apollo Victoria Theatre in London, at 7.30 pm, but only if you get your WICKED tickets ASAP.


Everyone needs to have a good laugh at least once a week and going to a comedy show seems like the perfect way to do so. Daniel Sloss’s show will make you laugh so much that your stomach hurts. Obviously, you’ll have to get your DANIEL SLOSS tickets before going to Paisley Arts Centre, in Paisley this Saturday, September 16th, where the show is held. Be there by 7.30 pm.


In love with both musical and comedy? No worries, because there’s one show this Saturday that will perfectly fit your taste – “Spamalot”. This musical comedy that was adapted from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a 1975 film, presents the satirical version of the Arthurian Legend. It’s a go-to show, this is for sure. Buy your SPAMALOT tickets and be at Blackpool Opera in Blackpool by 7.30 pm.


It seems like people from the UK are in love with stand-up comedy shows, because the number of these shows has significantly increased lately. Justin Moorhouse is one of the comedians having a show this Saturday, September 16th, in Blackburn. He’s also a radio DJ and an actor. Don’t forget to buy your JUSTIN MOORHOUSE tickets and be at King George's Hall by 7.30 pm.


Another stand-up comedy show happening this Saturday, September 16th, is the one of Paul Chowdhry, whom you probably know from the comedy series entitled “Stand Up for the Week” on Channel 4. Let all your friends know where they can buy PAUL CHOWDHRY - LIVE INNIT tickets and enjoy a great evening together. Location: Cambridge Junction in Cambridge. Hour: 8.00 pm.


How long has it been since you last listened to some 50s songs? Well, know that this Sunday, September 17th, you have the chance not only to listen to them, but also to watch people perform spectacular dance routines on them. Natalie, Jay and Louis, some of the best dancers in the UK, will make your feet involuntarily dance. Have you bought your RIP IT UP tickets yet? Mark the date and time too: Blackpool Opera House in Blackpool, at 7.30 pm.


Sitting on your living room couch watching TV on a Sunday isn’t the only way you can relax and have your batteries recharged for the following week. Another suggestion we have for you is “Footloose”, a musical show based on the 1984 film of the same name, that tells the story of a city teenager who is a member of a dance club in Chicago. We’ll tell no more and let you find out what the story is about. Buy your FOOTLOOSE tickets and be at Peacock Theatre London in London at 6.30 pm.


”Dirty Dancing” - the love story that every young man and woman has fallen in love with back in the 80s. Another tribute show to this great film is this musical entitled “A Night of Dirty Dancing”. You’ll have the chance to watch amazing and beautiful dancers perform on the most beloved songs of that movie. But first, you’ll have to get your A NIGHT OF DIRTY DANCING tickets. The show is scheduled for this Sunday, September 17th, at Pyramid and Parr Hall in Warrington at 7.30 pm.


If you haven’t heard of Danny Bhoy until now, it’s time you do. He’s a highly talented Scottish comedian who has already performed in several countries across the globe, including the US, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and Canada. Let him entertain you with some good jokes this Sunday, September 17th, at Bath Komedia in Bath. Buy your DANNY BHOY tickets ASAP and don’t forget to be there by 8.00 pm.