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Wilko Johnson is an English singer and songwriter, guitarist famous for his participation in the British rock band “Dr. Feelgood” that is prominent for issuing such hits as “Roxette” and “She Does It Right”. Wilko is a famous actor as well. In 2012, he got a terrible diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. But taken the necessary treatment, he announced in 2015 that he was successfully cured from this terrible disease.

About Wilko Johnson

Early Years

John Wilkinson (which he inverted to come up with his stage name) was born in 1947. He grew up in the coastal Canvey Island area. He performed in the local jug bands during the '60s. He studied at Newcastle University, but returned home for the breaks to practice his musical activities.

“Dr Freegold”

The band was among the leaders of the second wave of the British pub rock, hard rock and executable roll with elements of blues and rhythm-and-blues, close to the music of Rolling Stones late 60s. By the end of 1973, the performances of “Dr. Feelgood” (typical style elements of which were violent, heartbreaking and powerful vocals, jagged riffs) made the band the most popular on the London pub scene. Choosing from several majors United Artists, “Dr. Feelgood” let out their debut “Down by the Jetty,” which became a cult hit. “Malpractice” entered the British Top 20, and “The Stupidity”, rising to the 1st place, was a breakthrough. However, they failed in America and after the release of “Sneakin’ Suspicion” (feeling that punk rock band turns into a living anachronism), Wilko Johnson left the lineup. He formed the “Solid Senders”, and later joined Ian Dury in “The Blockheads”.

Creative Work

In 1978, he issued the LP “Solid Senders”. In 1981, Johnson let out his second disc, “Ice on the Motorway”, and two years later appeared the EP “Bottle Up and Go!” A number of small-scale LPs, mainly for European labels, followed over the '80s. In 2014, Johnson finally got the possibility to issue another disc, “Going Back Home”.

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