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“Whitechapel” was founded in February 2006 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Phil Bozeman, Brandon Cagle, and Ben Savage formed the core of the group and they decided to create a team that can easily combine death metal, grindcore, and hardcore, and make the fans rush to the dance floor immediately, succumbing to madness and energy. In early 2006, the band finished their work on 6 demo tracks, which become available exclusively on the group's page in MySpace. 

About Whitechapel


By November 2006, “Whitechapel” attracted the attention of Siege of Amida Records for recording and distribution in Europe and the US through Candlelight Records. Also in November, a new drummer Kevin Lane, who lifted the team to a new level of professionalism and technically, came to the group. The accident in May 2007 forced Brandon Cagle to leave the band, but the guys quickly found a replacement - the guitarist Zach Householder.

Global Popularity

The debut album was called “The Somatic Defilement” (issued on Candlelight Records and the Siege of Amida Records). This recording opened them for the global metal community. They began to perform on the same stage with “Darkest Hour”, “The Red Chord”, “Cephalic Carnage”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, they stunned the audience at Saints and Sinners Festival in New Jersey in 2007, and in June went to the Summer Slaughter Tour with “The Black Dahlia Murder”, “Cryptopsy”, “Dying Fetus”, and others!


Today, “Whitechapel” stands in a crowded of metal scene thanks to the ability to issue memorable riffs, crushing breakdowns, high speed combined with an incredibly evil and inconsistent sound. Metal Maniacs magazine once noted the group's unique approach to the instruments and the sound of their own: “The peculiarity of “Whitechapel” is three sharp guitars. This is, without doubt, the impression of the sound of apocalypses. Positioned as a DIY artist, “Whitechapel” is the driving force that continues to grow thanks to the hard work and determination.” This is the group that stays true to its music and honest in the performance. They refuse to be ignored and continue to carry their crushing metal show after show until metal fans around the world will not understand what “Whitechapel” is!

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