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This hard rock team was founded in 1969. The group, formed by the vocalist Phil Mogg, guitarist Mick Bolton, bassist Pete Wei and drummer Andy Parker, was initially called “Hocus Pocus”, but quickly changed the sign on the “UFO” in honor of one of the London clubs. The first two albums were a great success in Germany and Japan, at the same at home the musicians did not have recognition. In 1974, Mick Bolton left the group. Bernie Marsden (ex “Skinny cat”) also played in the group, until finally Michael Schenker became a permanent part. The former “Scorpion” brings to the group harder guitar sound, reflected in “Phenomenon” (1974). The CD contains two tracks that have become classics of rock, “Rock Bottom” and “Doctor Doctor”.

About UFO

Constant Staff Changes

To record the disc “No Heavy Petting” the keyboardist Danny Peyronel was called. True, he did not remain in the team for too long and by the end of 1976, his place was taken by Paul Raymond from “Savoy brown”. The debut of Paul took place at the sold-out concerts at London's famous club “Stamps”. After the release of “Lights Out” Michael Schenker left, returning to “Scorpions”. The team immediately invited Paul Chapman in the team.

Experimental Album

In 1981, “UFO” recorded a strong album “The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent”, which had experiments with a string section. Despite the good sales of the record and a successful American tour in the company of Ozzy Osbourn, the bassist Pete Way remained displeased with the ensemble’s direction and soon announced his resignation from the team. Chapman had to play bass on sessions of the next album.

Classical Lineup

Having played several sold-out concerts in Japan, Archer and Edwards went from Mogg and Wei, because they wanted the revival of the “classical” lineup of 1978. In 1993, the idea was embodied in life – the guitar was taken by Schenker, Raymond took keyboards, Simon Wright was on drums.

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