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The keyboard player Rod Argent, the guitarist Paul Atkinson, and the drummer Hugh Grundy began the musical experiments in 1961, being still school students. To give a certain completeness to the lineup, the children invited the bass player Paul Arnold (replaced by Chris White) and the gifted vocalist Colin Blunstone. The formed group began the concert activity with the performance of standards of the 50s, including the unforgettable “Summertime”. For a couple of years “The Zombies” played at parties in the native St Albans, but in 1963 began to think of dissolution of the team.

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Decca contract

To prevent this, Rod and Chris decided to participate in a local competition of young talents “The Hearts Beat Contest”. Even before the end of the competition “The Zombies” already received the cooperation offer from Decca.

Transnational Hit

Producer Ken Jones was crazy about Argent’s “She's Not There”, therefore, this composition was let out as the first single (it was accompanied by “Summertime” and “You Make Me Feel Good”). “She’s Not There” became a transnational hit of 1964, and in America, it took the top place of charts. The following minion “Leave Me Be” was quite good too, though couldn't break through in charts. The third single, “Tell Her No”, was met relatively cool met in native England, but got to the American Top 10.

Dissolution and Reunions

Guys started working again and began issuing a single behind a single, any of which, however, couldn't repeat the success of “She's Not There” and “Tell Her No”. In 1967, the group signs the contract with the sound recording studio “CBS Records” and decides to let out a new album “Odessey and Oracle” and to dismiss the ensemble. During the subsequent period, two reunions took place: one - in 1991 without the participation of Argent and with the resultant work “New World”, and the second - in 2004 when Rod and Chris together recorded an album “As Far As I Can See ….” Two more albums were issued in 2011 and 2015.

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