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“The Beach Boys” group was created in 1961 by three brothers Wilsons – Brian, Carl, and Dennis, and also their cousin Mike Love and the school friend Alan Jardine. The first famous song of the young collective was called “Surfin'” and it was issued by a local label. It has turned out so successful that has promoted the group to the leading line in Billboard charts. Capitol Records became interested in musicians, and in 1962, they signed the contract with this firm. For the next one and a half years “The Beach Boys” issued four albums.

About The Beach Boys

Conquest of Britain

Ten songs became national hits, but excessive creative work began to have an adverse effect on Brian Wilson's health, the main creative force of the group. In 1963, the popularity of “The Beach Boys” reached Britain where the single “Surfin' ‘USA” pressed local titans of the musical industry. They wrote down three more albums in 1964. Brian alone wrote down the material for a new album “Pet Sounds” (1966). In the States, the disc had a commercial failure, but on the other side of the ocean “Pet Sounds” found a warmer welcome.

Fall of popularity and new searches of 1967-1973

Due to nervous tension, Brian had serious problems with health and he stopped performing with the group. Contrary to all circumstances, the team issued an indisputable masterpiece, “Good Vibrations”, in 1966. This song has headed many prestigious charts, including the American Billboard. Meanwhile the intensity within the group grew. All discs appeared in 1967 — 69 years had a commercial fiasco, which led to the termination of the contract between the group and Capitol Records.

Return to the sources of 1974-2012

In 1974, there was a collection of early hits “Endless Summer”, which unexpectedly occupied the 1st place and remained in Billboard 200 throughout 155 weeks. This disc has returned broad attention of public to “The Beach Boys”. Since the beginning of the 1980s, studio activities of “The Beach Boys” were reduced sharply. For the next 30 years, only 6 albums have been issued (at the same time the group continued to go touring actively). In 2012, their latest disc “That's Why God Made the Radio” appeared.

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