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“The 1975” is the Manchester quartet, which combines rock music with elements of pop music and electronics. The history of the group began in far 2002 when its future participants – Mathew Healy, Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann, and George Daniel – met at high school of the small town near Manchester. Music was one of the few entertainments of teenagers at Wilmslow, Cheshire. According to Healy, they gathered with friends and played the known hits of punk groups though didn't shun covers on pop songs.

About The 1975

Early years of the group

Once the children could write their own composition and were so proud of it that decided to devote their future to music. The next ten years future stars dreamed of a big scene and continued to grind the skills, looking for their own musical style.

Touring and the first mini album

The first opportunity to show their creativity to the general public was an invitation of “The 1975” to perform on a warming up at “General Fiasco” group during their British tour of 2012. The group acted on a warming up at “Rolling Stones” during their concert in the Hyde Park, and right after it they received the invitation from “Muse” to go to the tour. Upon return from the tour Healy's group sat down in a studio where it recorded four compositions, which entered a debut mini-album “Facedown” (2012). Music lovers appreciated an original cocktail of dance with impurity of shoegaze and electronic music and the songs of the collective got on the radio.

Second EP and other works

In November 2012, the world saw the second EP with the provocative name “Sex”. The composition of the same name rushed to a national singles’ chart of Great Britain and took the 34th place. Since then all authoritative musical editions of the UK began to monitor the creativity of “The 1975”. They release two studio albums to date: “The 1975” (2013) and “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” (2016). The singles of “The 1975” impress by a storm and an impact, receiving millions of viewings on the Internet portals.

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