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Established in Bellshill, Scotland in 1989, Teenage Fanclub is a popular and widely appreciated alternative rock band. However, throughout its activity of almost three decades, the band has not stuck to a single style. Their songs have featured elements pertaining to several other music genres, such as indie pop, jangle pop and power pop. The current line-up of Teenage Fanclub is made of Normal Blake, Raymond McGinley, Gerard Love, Francis MacDonald as well as Dave McGowan. The first three, who serve as vocalists, are also the ones who write the songs for the band.

About Teenage Fanclub

Influences and Evolution

The style of Teenage Fanclub has been described as resembling that of American West Coast rock bands such as The Beach Boys or The Byrds. They have also been compared to the American power pop band Big Star, which was very successful in the early 70s. The original style of Teenage Fanclub was quite different in comparison with their more recent songs. They were louder and less organised, as reflected in their first album, “A Catholic Education”. Their second album, “The King” was criticised for containing several chaotic guitar trashes. 

The Road to Success

While Teenage Fanclub’s first two albums hadn’t been so well received, their third release, “Bandwagonesque”, finally brought them fame and critical acclaim. The album won Spin magazine’s 1991 annual poll for best album, achieving the performance of surpassing albums of iconic bands like Nirvana, My Bloody Valentine or R.E.M. A few years later, in 1995, their album “Grand Prix” was the first to make it to the British top ten. The band's next release, “Songs from Northern Britain”, was their most popular album, as it also included their number one hit of all times, “Ain’t That Enough”. The latest album of Teenage Fanclub, “Here”, was released on September 9 this year.

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