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The band “Tears for Fears” was formed in 1981. It was created by two childhood friends – Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, after the disintegration of their first team “Graduate”, which they founded in 1980 as teenagers. Curt and Roland were from dysfunctional families. The boys were best friends, and surprisingly, they were completely different. Smith was a juvenile bully, Orzabal – spent all his time reading books, and once discovered Arthur Janov, or rather his work on primary care of cry – which is a kind of way to overcome the children's fears. The band's name was taken from this book – “tears as a replacement for fears”.

About Tears For Fears

The New Band

In 1981, Orzabal and Smith have shown interest to other famous artists of the time – “Talking Heads” and Brian Eno, and decided to secede from “Graduate” and create a new one. The new team was called “The History of Headaches”, but was soon renamed into “Tears For Fears”. The boys immediately decided that exclusively they will be the core of the band, and will invite session musicians if necessary. Initially, the band “Tears for Fears” ranked as a new wave band, but soon the duo has achieved universal success.

First Releases

In 1981, the band “Tears for Fears” signed a record deal with Phonogram Records, and issued their first single “Suffer the Children”. In 1983, their first album, “The Hurting” went out. In the creation of the first two albums of the band two musicians – the keyboardist and composer Ian Stanley and the drummer Manny Elias, who were considered as full band members, took part. “The Hurting” is considered to be the only album of the group that fully reflects the name of “Tears for Fears”, as most of the lyrics of the album reflects the emotional suffering. “The Hurting” won the first position of the British hit parade. The album also includes such songs as “Mad World”, “Change” and “Pale Shelter”. In general, they produced 6 albums and the latest was “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending” (2004).

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