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Alternative rock band “Suede” was formed in London in 1989 and has become, in the opinion of many fans, a harbinger of a broad movement in British culture, which would later be called Britpop, along with The Stone Roses, Manic Street Preachers, and The Smiths. In 1992, Suede caused a sensation, hitting the cover of Melody Maker as “the best new band of Great Britain”, without releasing a single album. However, the sensation was not even in that very fact, but in the fact that they were quite worthy of the honor and really made this commercial success.

About Suede

The Start of the New Epoch

They did not deceived the entrusted hopes to justify the very existence of music journalism. Their appearance on the big stage marked a turning point in the British indie-rock music of the 90's – the death of the prevailed shoegazing and Madchester and the coming of the Britpop. Let it was not so obvious for the contemporaries at that time.

Group Formation

Thus, the history of the future “Suede” began in 1985 in the English town of Haywards with the appearance of “Geoff” team, which included future members of “Suede” – Brett Anderson and Matt Osman. As part of “Geoff”, Bret was a guitarist, and Gareth Perry was the vocalist.

First Single

In 1990, a young band recorded their first single with two A-sides “Be My God / Art” for the indie label RML from Brighton. The single, however, was never released because of the disagreements between the group and the company's management.


Next, they issued “Metal Mickey”, the first real breakthrough of “Suede” that climbed to the 17th place. Then everything happened like a snowball rising. Performance in Top of the Pops, numerous interviews to the press, in one of which Bret called himself “bisexual men who have never had homosexual experiences”, then acting as guests at the Brit Awards ceremony in February 1993, after which a new single “Animal Nitrate” takes off on the 7th place and receives the audience award of the MTV UK audience.

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