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“The Stone Roses” is the British rock group. Their debut album “The Stone Roses” (1989) quickly became classics in Great Britain. The second album “Second Coming” was issued in 1994. Having mixed pop of the 60s with dancing rhythms of the 80s “The Stone Roses” headed the British guitar pop scene of the end of the 80s – the beginning of the 90s. After their debut album, there was an uncountable number of the collectives trying to play the same music. 

About The Stone Roses

Formation and Structure

In the early eighties, John Squire and Ian Brown founded “The English rose” team in their native Manchester. With the arrival of the drummer Alan “Reni” Wren, the guitarist Andy Couzens and the bass player Pete Garner, the group replaced the title with “The Stone Roses”. It was 1985. The team performed in the Manchester clubs, performing a mix of guitar pop of the 60s and heavy-metal with an easy raid of a gothic style. In 1987, Couzens and Garner were replaced by Gary “Mani” Mounfield.

Alloy of Rhythms

In 1989, “The Stone Roses” gave a series of concerts in Manchester and London, which were noticed. They issued their debut album, which became cult at once. It was unsurprising; nobody managed to invent such a successful alloy of rhythms of the 60s and 80s. “She Bangs the Drums”, let out as a single, appeared in the Top 40, and the song “Fool's Gold” already reached the 8th line of the British charts.

Old Hits and Live Concerts

In 1990, the group begins to reissue their early things in the form of singles. All of them took quite good places in the British charts. The new single “One love” appeared on the 4th place of the English charts. Shortly before it, the group organized the festival at Spike Island in Widnes. After this concert, musicians didn't give “live” performances for five years. The group spent the next three years working on the second album. “Second Coming” (1994) received contradictory reviews in the press, but spent several weeks in the top ten. The single “Love Spreads”, instead of the expected 1st place, occupied "only" the second.

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