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With hilarious lyrics and a satirical approach, the rock band Steel Panther was formed in Los Angeles, California. The quartet has adopted an exaggerated style when performing, a style which eventually brought them fame. With classic heavy metal sound, reminding of the good old 80s and bold, sometimes outward vulgar lyrics, the band immediately caught the eye of every hard rock and heavy metal fan out there.

About Steel Panther

“Feel the Steel” Panther

Steel Panther started their evolution under the name of Metal Shop and quickly gained popularity in the early 2000s. Vocalist Ralph Saenz, guitarist Russ Parrish, bassist Travis Haley and drummer Darren Leader started with their well-known Monday night shows at the Viper Room, parodying famous bands. Their extravagant look – leather jackets, spandex pants and enormous, messy wigs, created quite a stir and made them easily recognisable, which opened some opportunities for the band (still known as the Metal Shop); they earned a role in a Discover Card commercial and were invited to The Drew Carey Show. Despite their increasing success, it wasn’t until 2003 that the band released its first self-produced album, “Hole Patrol”. In 2008, the now-called Steel Panther band announced plans for another studio album, which came almost one year after the announcement. “Feel the Steel” was worth the wait, reaching an incredible success on the Billboard chart. The group followed the same satirical line that has propelled them to success, even catching the attention of the Grammys, losing a close shave nomination for “Best Comedy Album”.

European fame

Despite their success, the band kept its feet on the ground and continued releasing good music. “Balls Out” was launched in 2011 with guest appearances from Dane Cook and Chad Kroeger. The shows sold out, proving once again that Steel Panther was here to stay. By the end of 2012, when the band started touring in Europe, their fame was at its peak – they played sold out in every country they visited. On April 1, 2014, Steel Panther released the forth studio album, “All You Can Eat”. Several months later, the band shared the stage with Aerosmith in a show where more than 100.000 people attended.

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