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The history of this legendary team begins with London “Spectres” beat group. The founders of the band are Mike (who later became Francis), Rossi (guitar, vocals), and Alan Lancaster (bass). They also led the group in the period from 1962 to 1967. Roy Lynes (keyboards) and John Coughlan (drums) completed the lineup. “Spectres” issued three singles , which are something in between pop, rhythm, and blues. However, these releases have suffered a commercial failure and the quartet had to take a new name “Traffic Jam”.

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Thorny Way

The next failure was the edition of “Almost But Not Quite There”, but the guys did not lose heart and continued their activities, inviting a new member, Rick Parfitt (guitar, vocals), into the team. In 1967, the band changed its name to “Status Quo” and began to accompany artists like Madeline Bell and Tommy Quickly. Next year, the guys stopped this after their debut single “Pictures Of Matchstick Men” occupied the 7th position in the UK charts. Listeners relished guitar music with a dash of pop and psychedelia. The subsequent release of “Black Veils Of Melancholy” was not as successful, but a lively composition “Ice In The Sun” hit the UK Top 10.

In the Top at Last

When Lynes went out of the group, guitars took the first place in it. At this time, the band had to break through the indifference of their record company. Only the performances of “Status Quo” in 1972 at festivals in Reading and “Great Western” attracted the attention of the masses. By signing a contract with the company “Vertigo”, the band issued the hit “Paper Plane” (the UK top 10), followed by the album “Piledriver”, which took the 5th place in the charts. The next disc, “Hello”, immediately appeared at the top of the charts. Since that time, the band's style, representing the fusion of simple guitar chords and catchy melodies, almost did not change. This is consistent with the image of the musicians, as “simple guys”. Each of the albums of “Status Quo” appeared in the Top 5 in the 70s.


Their singles, including such well-known hits as “Caroline” (1973), “Down Down” (1974), “Whatever You Want” (1979), “What You're Proposing” (1980), and “Lies “/ “Do not Drive My Car” (1980) were also constantly in the charts. In 1980, nothing was heard about the quartet for a long time and the rumors began to appear about the decay of “Status quo”, when finally, a next disc “Just Supposin” appeared. Their latest work “Aquostic II: One More for the Road” went out in 2016.

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