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Many sources attribute this formation to the category of “post-hardcore” or “noise rock”, but the participants themselves prefer the phrase “minimalist rock trio.” The project began in 1992 with the informal meeting of the guitarist-engineer Steve Albini and the drummer Todd Trainer, which transformed into a normal group with the addition of the bassist Bob Weston. However, the concept of “normality” in the conventional sense of the word is not well suited for “Shellac” with their asymmetrical clock sizes, monotonous rhythm of heavy, angular guitars, denial scheme of “verse - chorus - verse,” deadpan vocals and surreal, sarcastic lyrics.

About Shellac

They Did What They Want

The team did not chase for multiple edition or glory, and if toured, it was not because it was necessary to support the album but because they simply had a chance or musicians wanted to. When they left the first three singles, it seemed to the audience that in contrast to the previous projects “Big Black” and “Rapeman”, Albini lowered the degree of rigidity and brutality both in texts and in music.

No Changes

However, with the advent of the album “At Action Park”, it became clear that the creator of “Atomizer” and “Songs About Fucking” is still concerned about sex, violence and anti-social behavior, and such things as “Pull The Cup” and “Song Of The Minerals” showed that maestro noise remains the same uncompromisingly abrasive as before.

Gift to Friends

In 1997, Steve, Todd and Bob got together to record an instrumental program for the dance troupe “LaLaLa Human Steps”. At the same time, the band decided not to allow the disc on sale, and all 700- copies gave to their friends, whose names were printed on the envelopes.

No More Experiments

“Terraform” sounded a little livelier than “At Action Park “, and it was less noisier, but all this is about the part of the album, which followed after a long and terribly ugly monotonous opener “Did not We Deserve A Look At The Way You Really Are.” Next time the band decided not to torment someone’s ears with prolonged experiments. Their latest disc “Dude Incredible” appeared in 2014.

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