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Popular boy bands have a number of perks and functions in the contemporary world of music. They change lives of millions of fans with their music, making both members and producers enormously rich. What is more, they raise singers, and when a boy band split, which they normally do, we get a couple of (or sometimes even more) decent artists instead. First, the name of the band sort of tags to an ex member's name. Only the most talented ones can really get rid of it. Shane Filan is definitely one of those.

About Shane Filan


Shane Steven Filan was born on 5 July 1979 in Sligo, Ireland. During his school years, he performed in the Hawkswell Theatre. At the beginnings of his career, he sang in the band I.O.U. And in 1999, he managed to get to Westlife. This was a real thing: 28 platinum albums, armies of fans worldwide and millions of CDs sold!


In 2011, Westlife split. This, perhaps, was the end of the world for young fans, but not for Filan. Shane was making the decisions quite quickly. So, he signed the contract with Capitol Records almost immediately, after the split. In 2015, he got the deal with Warner.


At the beginning of 2012, everyone was waiting for the debut solo single from Filan – ex-Westlife. So, the tag stayed, as well as Filan’s money he earned in the band. But in 2012, a real shock came – Filan lost everything because his real-estate company got bankrupt! Filan wisely considered that a solo career is the second chance or him and his family. And how right he was!

Solo Career

In 2013, Filan’s debut solo single Everything to Me was released. It hit #7 in Ireland and #14 in the UK. The same year he made two more singles, before which the debut album was finally launched. Filan released the second studio album – Right Here - in 2015. As he declared, it was quite a long process to choose the ten best songs that would make the album rally good.

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