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“Shalamar” is an American vocal trio in the first half of the 1980s that constantly had teenage attention due to impeccably arranged dance music, as well as full of dramatic collisions of relations between its members. It was formed in Los Angeles in May 1977. The band's history began with the fact that Dick Griffey decided to release an album of potpourri of old dance hits of Motown on the recommendation of the British entrepreneur Simon Sousse, which Sousse was going to turn into discos in Northern England.

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The next single, “The Second Time Around”, strengthened the star status of “Shalamar”. It was the first in the list of blues (took the place of the hit “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson), the 8th in the pop section and the 45th in the British pop-list.

In the Charts

Over the next three years, the group entered the charts in both countries with their disc that resemble each other.  In Britain,  “I Owe You One” (No.13), “I Can Make You Feel Good” (No. 7), “A Night To Remember” ( No. 5), “There It Is” (No. 5), “Friends” (No. 12), “Dead Giveaway” (No. 8), “Over And Over” (No. 23) had success. In the US, the gains were more modest and they were limited to getting into the blues’ section: “Right In The Socket” (No. 22), “Full Of Fire” (No. 24), “Make That Move” (No. 6), “This Is For The Lover In You” (No. 17) and “Sweeter As The Days Go By” (No. 19). “Dead Giveaway” has become their only release during this period that hit in the pop charts (No. 22). Yes, four of their albums were in the Billboard Top 40, and three of them (“Big Fun”, “Three For Love” and “Friends”) became gold.


In addition to the catchy image of adolescence that made “Shalamar” welcome on television, the group has become particularly known for the fact that tabloid press paid attention to it because of the classic love triangle. Despite the active concert activity (mainly in the UK) and the friendliness of the audience, there were no new hits. There were also no achievements in the charts was not and the group broke up after the release of their latest album in 1990..

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