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A Swedish band Sabaton gets their inspiration mainly from wars, military history, known war heroes and militarism. Even if Sabaton changes the subject once in a while, they mainly do it for the sake of creating tributes to the songs of other famous heavy metal bands. This specific spirit of the songs is one of the contributing factors to Sabaton popularity. The other one is music. Some fans say that Sabaton seems to play as if they are the first heavy metal band ever, although the band was founded only in 1999.


The first songs were recorded in the legendary Peter Tägtgren’s The Abyss recording studio. After that, they got a lot of offers from different labels. The band decided to sign a contract with an Italian company Underground Symphony. With its support, Sabaton recorded Fist for Fight, which is essentially a compilation of two demos, created in the period from 1999 to 2000. The debut album, Metalizer, was recorded in 2002. It was assumed that the same label would release it, but after two years of waiting, it was cancelled. As a result, the band decided to search for the support of other labels to record the next album. They signed the contract with Black Lodge and finally released Primo Victoria in 2005. The most recent album, Heroes, produced by Peter Tägtgren, was released in 2014. It features such songs as The Ballad of Bull and Night Witches.


During the period from 1999 to 2012, the members of the band did not change much. However, in 2012 there was a great split. Guitarists Oskar Montelius and Rikard Sundén, keyboardist Daniel Mÿhr and drummer Daniel Mullback left the band. They were replaced by guitarists Chris Rörland and Thobbe Englund and drummer Robban Bäck. Bäck abandoned the band in 2013 and Englund – in 2016. Today, Sabaton is Joakim Brodén (vocals), Pär Sundström (bass), Chris Rörland (guitar, backing vocal) and Hannes van Dahl (drums).

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