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In Britain, the wave of garage and blues-rock begins to rise. The genre, which for some reason was not very well accepted, finds popularity and gains maturity. “Royal Blood” is one of the latest representatives who have achieved success surprisingly easily. The duet was formed by Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher only in 2013. And in 2014, they are nominees of BBC Sounds, they are subjugators of alternative charts of Billboard, they are the next favourites of Zane Lowe, who puts their songs in each air, they struck Matt Helders at Glastonbury so that he even walked in a “Royal Blood” T-shirt.

About Royal Blood

The Mystery

It is not known with the help of what they have struck the musical public. “Blood Red Shoes”, “Band Of Skulls”, and “Drenge” did the same, but have achieved much less than these two bearded men less than in a year. Fiery guitar power, loaded blues guitars in which aggressiveness, confidence and pressure are felt. Maybe it is all about straightforwardness? This is the key to success? Time will tell.

EP Release

On March 11, 2014, “Royal Blood” issued a four-track EP "Out Of The Black" specially for the States. “Out Of The Black” and “Little Monster” occupied the 7th and 1st places in Alternative Billboard Charts at once. The hegemony of “The Black Keys” as the only heirs of traditions of “The White Stripes”, most likely, will stop soon.

The Album

Under stamping drums, the sound of guitars falls upon the listener. The album “Royal Blood” (2014) starts as if the armor-piercing tool. “Out of the Black” and “Come On Over”, these two songs attack you at the beginning of the album. Further comes even more powerful track “Figure It Out”. “Royal Blood” doesn’t calm down for a minute, each new track — is a new impudent storm. Here there are no weak songs — only tenacious guitar riffs, energetic drums, impudent texts, and the ruthless drive.

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