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Rick Astley is the English dance music artist of the 1980s with a very characteristic and unmistakable baritone. His debut track “Never Gonna Give You Up»” (1987) is a textbook of dance recording of the end of the 1980s. It became the highest selling tack of the year. The next single, “Together Forever” (1988), was more popular in America. It climbed to the peak of the Billboard Hot 100. His clip “Never Gonna Give You Up” at YouTube has collected more than 70 million views.

About Rick Astley


Rick Astley was born on February 6, 1966 in the UK. At first, Rick was the drummer in the band “Give Way”, then a vocalist in the “FBI”. It is in this team that Rick was noticed by Pete Waterman - one of the most famous producers at the time. Rick played “Learning That Live”, followed by “When You Gonna”. Brutal and expressive vocals of Astley attracted the attention of the management of the recording studio, and he was asked to take part in a charity concert. Rick played “The Beatles”’ single “Let It Be” and immediately won the love of fans. Later, Rick Astley issued the single “Never Gonna Give You Up”. The song earned the title of best-selling in the UK. And at BRITS, Astley was recognized as the discovery of the year.


Discography of the artist began with his debut disc “Whenever You Need Somebody”. The record climbed to the top of the UK charts and a million of copies was sold. In 1988, Rick went to a long-awaited tour that rocks the hearts of fans, especially in the United States. Furthermore, Rick Astley has released several albums independently – “Free”, “Body and Soul”. The audience liked the discs, but did not make much furor, most likely due to the fact that the artist changed his style of compositions. His latest album “50” appeared in 2016.

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Sat, 11 Sep, 11:30 am
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