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Jordan Cardy (Rat Boy) is a 20-year-old British musician born on February 1996 in Chelmsford, England. His favourite music styles are indie rock and hip-hop, both noticeable in Cardy’s work. He repeatedly stated that he admires The Streets and Kendrick Lamar, but he created his own musical style, often producing and recording his singles at home. The teenager managed to follow his passion despite his health issues, being considered as one of the most promising future stars on the market.

About Rat Boy

The alter ego

Cardy tried everything until finding his own style. He writes his own songs, plays the guitar, bass and keys, holds the beat and sings, so he’s the main character in this story he brilliantly made up, called “Rat Boy”. But the project is more than a story. This alter ego Cardy created sends out a clear and powerful message wrapped around indie sound effects, hip-hop and reggae beats and guitar pitches. “Rat Boy” is the proof that Cardy is better off solo, after failing to found a pop-punk band.

The one-man band

In 2014, Cardy released the five track mix “The MixTape”, created entirely by himself and one year after, he signed with Parlophone Records, after sending his first mixtape to various record companies. Soon after, he released his first official single, “Sing On”, which made it to No. 1 in UK Hot Singles Sales. “Fake ID” followed immediately after and in 2016, “Rat Boy” was awarded Best New Artist by the NME, simultaneously launching “Move”, his second single since he signed with Parlophone. He is often compared to The Beastie Boys, but there’s something so unique about his work, that he can’t be put in a certain category. Bottom line, Rat Boy’s songs have a sincere attitude, and impressive narratives mingled with powerful sounds. “Rat Boy” is definitely a fresh appearance and his fans will likely enjoy many more hits to come!

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