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“Placebo” is a rock band from the UK, famous for its distinctive image. The lineup of this team is multinational. The singer and guitarist Brian Molko has Scottish and American roots, but grew up in the UK. Another founder of “Placebo”, Stefan Olsdal, was born in Sweden. Both attended the same school in Luxembourg, but met only when both moved to London in 1994. In the capital of England, they assembled a team of guys that was originally called “Ashtray Heart” and began to write music, focusing on the work of Sonic Youth, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana.

About Placebo

Beginning of the Career

The drummers were Robert Shultzberg and Steve Hewitt alternately until the latter one decided to return to his former team. Renamed into “Placebo” in 1996, the trio signed a contract with Caroline Records and soon issued their debut album of the same name. The record was a pleasant surprise to many music lovers from the UK, and the songs “Nancy Boy” and “Bruise Pristine” became the first hits of the young team. “Placebo” quickly proclaimed about itself across the whole Albion, playing a series of warming ups at the concerts of such masters as the reunited Sex Pistols, as well as U2 and Weezer.

Rock Album

In 2003, Placebo showed that they could play heavier music, releasing their most “rock” album “Sleeping with Ghosts”. Nearly half a million of copies of this disc have been sold worldwide. In 2004, Placebo traveled to different countries, playing in support of the recent release.

Other Works

By the end of the year, they published a compilation “Once More with Feeling: Singles 1996-2004”. Among the nineteen tracks submitted to it, there were the song most warmly accepted in their native Britain, as well as a completely new composition “Twenty Years”. In 2006, Placebo presented their fifth studio album, “Meds”. The band continued to balance between pop and rock music, wonderfully pleasing their old and new fans. In 2007, the team took part in a large concert action “Projekt Revolution” together with Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance, issued a minion “Extended Play” and a collection of covers “Covers”. In 2009, “Placebo” gave their fans the perfect gift in the form of a next studio disc “Battle For The Sun” and in 2013 – “Loud Like Sun”.

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