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“OMD” means Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. The leaders of the ensemble bassist / vocalist Paul Humphreys and singing keyboardist Andy McCluskey were born and brought up in Liverpool, the hometown of the English bits. Starting their musical path in 1976, they were not inspired by the songs of their famous countrymen but rather by the creations of the West German group “Kraftwerk”. Naturally, they did not have the finances for the production of the first technologized synth rock and used homemade devices. Perhaps that is why their works are distinguished by the absence of the characteristic for the music groups of this direction synth cold and prudence.

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New Lineup

They soon bought their own studio and recorded the single “Red Frame / White Light” and a debut LP. Paul and Andy ceased to be satisfied with the old technique of blending executable instrumental parts, and they invited the drummer Malcolm Holmes from “The ID” and the bassist and keyboardist Martin Cooper from “Dalek One” to the ensemble.


In 1981, they issued the singles “Messages” and “Enola Gay”. The latter one, a song about an airplane pilot who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, hit the British Top 10. Next year was very successful for the group. Two singles “Souvenir” and “Joan of Arc” hit the Top 5, and the album “Architecture and Morality” rose to the third position. The momentum was continued in 1982 with the single “Maid of Orleans”, and the rest of the year was devoted to the preparation of the album “Dazzle Shirs”.

Abstruse Album

This album largely lost in freshness and ease that distinguished the duo's early songs and it was not very well accepted. It was unnecessarily abstruse, stuffed with unnecessary sounds (for example, radio signals). Nevertheless, a song from it “Genetic Engineering” was another British hit. After the release of the album “Junk Culture”, O. M. D. limited their work in the studio, and in July 1985 issued two singles “SO In Love” and “Secret”, and then a disc, “Crush”, which closed the Top 10.

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