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Of Mice and Men is American post-hardcore/metalcore band. It was formed by Austin Carlile, a founder and the first vocalist of Attack Attack!, in California in 2009. After recording Attack Attack! debut album and a few small tours Carlile left the band. Actually, he resigned due to personal differences. Carlile decided to start something totally new. His best friends, Jaxin Hall, joined him, and that is how the core Of Mice and Men was formed. The band has had many changes, but they are still one of the best.

About Of Mice and Men

The Fist Records

With the help of old friends, they recorded the track Seven Thousand Miles for What and shared it on a newly created band’s MySpace page. The same year, a drummer Valentino Arteaga of Lower Definition joined the band; later, a vocalist, bassist and guitarist Shayley Bourget from Covette and Chapters!, and a lead guitarist Phil Manansala of A Static Lullaby became a part of the team, too. In February 2010, they release the debut album, Of Mice & Men, which hit #10 in the U.S. Billboard Hard Rock Albums. Besides Seven Thousand Miles for What, the album also features such songs as Second & Sebring and YDG that are very popular with fans.

A Year without Carlile

In 2010, Carlile announced that he was leaving Of Mice and Men because he needed a heart surgery. His place as a lead vocalist was taken by Jerry Roush, who worked with the band before as Carlile’s substitute in one of the tours. Jaxin Hall also left the band due to the personal reasons. Carlile returned a year later, despite his original plans to create a new project. During his absence, the band had not recorded any albums.

Carlile’s Return

Together with Carlile, Alan Ashby joined the band. The same year, Of Mice and Men record their second studio album The Flood, featuring the majority of the band’s best songs: Purified, My Understandings, Still YDG'N, Ohioisonfire, etc. In 2014, the third album, Restoring Force, was released. This year, Of Mice and Men are going to release a new album – Cold Worlds.

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