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Probably, the history of this group began in 1988, when at school of the small seaside city of Teignmouth, Devon, there was a new pupil – Matt Davies Bellamy who moved here with his mother and father. Mathew Bellamy was born on June 9, 1978 in Cambridge. His father had a direct bearing on music (on the contrary to other parents of all three participants of “Muse”) - he played the guitar as a part of several groups, and one of them – a very successful “The Tornados” band.

About Muse

The Creation of the Band

Mathew has decided to organize the group, having invited his friends-musicians to it – the drummer Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme, who was a bass guitarist. The group has been called very creatively — “Rocket Baby Dolls”.

First Victories

In 1994, they have proved to be the best at the city musical contest Battle of the Bands. The jury has awarded the first place to the group. The musicians were surprised most of all. In honor of the victory, they have decided to rename the group, having given a poetic name “Muse” to it. In 1997, the “Muse” group issued the first album, carrying the similar name “Muse”. In 1998, “Muse” participated in the musical festival “In the City” and drew attention of several American sound recording companies.

Debut album and other

Tours and records of singles have led to the appearance of a debut album "Showbiz" (1998). In Great Britain, this album became gold, and over 700 thousand copies have been sold worldwide. The second album “Origin of Symmetry” left in 2001, after the return of the musicians from the France tour. And this album was also successful – the number of sales has exceeded 1 million 300. The 4th disk of “Muse”, "Black Holes and Revelations" (2006) has conquered the peaks of the European charts and became platinum. Here Matt Bellamy has paid special attention to a piano part. MTV Europe Music Awards and NME Awards marked them out. For two years, the “Muse” group won the awards Grammy in 2011 and 2012.

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