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It was only while recording the third album when Ministry finally found their classic sound. Heavy guitar riffs got the sound basis in their music. The album has become the standard of industrial, and the band got famous all over the world. A great surprise for new fans, the army of which, by the way, is growing every day - the first two albums were typical synthpop, popular at that time in both US and Europe! A founder, leader and the only member that remains in Ministry up to this day is Al Jourgensen.

About Ministry


Al Jourgensen, born Alejandro Ramírez Casas, grew up in Havana, Cuba. Later, he moved to the United States, where he took his stepfather’s last name, Jourgensen. He founded Ministry in 1981. The debut album of Ministry, With Sympathy, was released in 1983. Although the album got into the first hundred of the Billboard 200, it impressed neither the critics nor the audience. So, Al Jourgensen decided to change the sound. On the second album, Twitch, which was released three years later, we can already hear the aggressive tone, typical of Ministry later works. Nevertheless, it was still synthpop with an abundance of traditional electronics. In 1988, the band released The Land of Rape and Honey; and Ministry became THE Ministry we know. The most successful band’s album is Psalm 69. It hit #27 on the Billboard 200. The song Jesus Built My Hotrod, brought Ministry real fame.

Recent Work

At the moment, Ministry is on the European Summer Tour. The current band members are Al Jourgensen (vocals), John Bechdel (keyboards), Sin Quirin (guitars, bass), Cesar Soto (guitars), Jason Christopher (bass) and Roy Mayorga (drums, percussion).

New Album?

Altogether, Ministry released thirteen albums. The most recent one, From Beer to Eternity, was recorded in 2013. Before, it was considered to be the last one, because of the death of Mike Scaccia, Ministry guitarist and Jourgensen, to whom From Beer to Eternity is dedicated. However, later, Jourgensen confirmed the possibility of another album, as he found the strength and inspiration to carry on.

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