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With strong roots in Indian traditional music, strong vibes and an infusion of psychedelia, the English band Kula Shaker was extremely popular in the late 1990s. Led by Crispian Mills (also known as Krishna Kantha Das), an English guitarist, songwriter and movie director, the band went mainstream with singles such as “Tattva” or “Hey Dude”, reaching the No. 1 on the UK Album Charts with their first album, “K”.

About Kula Shaker

The Indian emperor inspired the band

On the post-Brit-pop era, Kula Shaker was among the most popular English bands, bringing a different sound on the market, one for which the group was both adored and criticised. The psychedelic quartet was strongly influenced by Mills’s pilgrimage to India (the band itself was also named after an Indian emperor from the 8th century), which led them to a spiritual and mystical direction. “K”, the band’s first album launched in September 1996 made huge waves, entering the charts directly on first position, winning a BRIT Award. The group received positive reviews in America too, mostly thanks to their second single, “Tattva”. Three years later, Kula Shaker launched “Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts”, influenced by Deep Purple’s music, with some references to The Beatles too. The album made a good impression, but the sales were disappointing compared with “K”. It wasn’t long until Kula Shaker disbanded, with Mills focusing on his solo career, only to return a couple of years later with great enthusiasm.

Coming back

The band’s third album, “Strangefolk” was released after almost a decade of silence, entering the UK charts at No. 69. “Strangefolk” was originally the title of the group’s 1999 album “Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts”; Mills wrote all the songs, except for one. “Pilgrims Progress”, the group’s fourth studio album, followed three years later, in 2010, with positive reviews. Kula Shaker continued rocking the stage in 2016, releasing a new album. “K 2.0” was launched on their 20th anniversary while the group went touring in Europe.

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