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Joseph Roger Brown was born on May 13, 1941, in Swarby, Lincolnshire, England. He is the British rock musician, guitarist, and vocalist. When Joe was two, the family moved to Plaistow, a suburb of London. Brown's daughter, Sam Brown (Samantha Brown), is also a singer, and his son, Pete Brown is a producer, who has released many of Brown’s albums and participated in Joe’s tours. In 2009, Brown became the MBE for his achievements in music.

About Joe Brown


In 1956, Joe Brown and his brothers Peter and Tony Oakman formed the band “The Spacemen skiffle group”, which played until the end of the 50s – when the interest to this genre of folk music disappeared. In 1958, Joe was noticed by a TV producer Jack Good, and hired as the lead guitarist for the “Boy Meets Girls” series. At the same time, Joe performs with such American musicians as Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran during their tour in the UK.

First Releases

Signed to Decca Records, Joe Brown issued the first two singles, “People Gotta Talk” (1959) and “Jellied Eels”(1960), which failed to chart. But the next one - “The Darktown Strutters Ball,” occupied No. 34 on the U.K. charts. The band changed the name for “The Bruvvers”.

Real Success

But his own career didn't really start until 1962, when he let out the track “A Picture of You.” He was named the “Top UK Vocal Personality” and went touring with such musicians as “The Beatles”. His next two releases “It Only Took a Minute” and “That's What Love Will Do” also appeared in the Top Ten.


In the period from 1962 to 2012, Joe Brown has produced more than 20 of albums and over 40 of singles that brought him recognition and popularity. Joe’s own career has suffered from the image of a ‘cor blimey mate, what a lovely bloke’, but he is recognized as a masterful guitarist and singer who is respected and admired not only by his fans but also by a wide range of artists.

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