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Faruq Mahfuz Anam “James”, born on 2 October 1964, is not only a Bangladeshi singer, but also a guitarist and composer. He was born in Nauga but grew up in Chittagong. After this, he settled in Dhaka to develop his musical career. Faruq was a part of the group “Feelings” and then founded the group “Nagar Baul”. In his style with long hair, James was a typical Nagar Baul (translated as the ‘urban bard’). He is considered the pioneer of psychedelic rock in his native country.

About James

The Icon

The characteristic feature of the early 1980s, is the usage of philosophical lyrics, powerful performances and wild personality, James is named by critics and his listeners as the icon and influential frontman of “rock music” history in his motherland. James gained a mainstream popularity in the1990s being the frontman of the group “Feelings”, known as the “Big Rock Band”, which aim was to develop and popularize rock music.


James is the main guitarist and vocalist of “Nagar Baul” group. He was also notices in playbacks of a couple of songs from Bollywood films. James is even sometimes called by others "Guru", "King of Psychedelic rock" and the South Asia "Rockstar" due to his strong vocal skills.

Bollywood Albums

He appeared in Bollywood thanks to a music director Pritam and his first film was “Gangster” (2006). Here he performed the song “Bheegi Bheegi”. James did not speak Hindi , that is why he needed to memorize the words and pronunciation. However, the song was a chart-buster. He participated in the recording of a couple of other songs with Pritam. In general, he wrote 4 tracks for Bollywood.

Non-Bollywood Music

His non-film albums include 8. The latest two are “Toofan” (2007) and “Kal Jomuna” (2008). James’ musical style is so diverse that it comprises different genres of Blues music and Rock Music. Starting as a leading singer and guitarist, he has been appreciated for his solo performances. He gave a lot of efforts to rock music and did it for so long and so profoundly that his influence on future generations is impossible to underestimate. He is always ready to offer the audience something fresh and the audience feels this. Maybe, because of this his numerous fans passionately call him Guru. His music is bright and his singing differs from the typical sounding preferred by the commercial-type directors. His music deals with social aspects like nature, love, rage, discontent, frustration, and happiness.

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