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Iron Maiden, named after a medieval torture device, is a British heavy metal band that is considered to be one of the major representatives of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and one of the bands that have had an immense impact on the developments of a heavy metal genre in general. The band is famous for its fast paced and melodic music with the usage of a highly operatic style of their lead singer Bruce Dickinson. Dickinson’s melodic voice is the ‘trademark’ of the band.

About Iron Maiden

Formation of the band

The band was formed in 1975 in London. The founder of the band is Steve Harris, a bassist and an author of most music and lyrics of the band. After long time shifts in the line-up of the band, Paul Di Anno became a vocalist of Iron Maiden. In 1980 Iron Maiden released their first self-titled LP and their second LP, entitled “Killers” (1981). After some tours, Paul DiAnno had to leave the band due to his problems with alcohol and narcotics. He was replaced by a vocalist of Samson, whose name was Bruce Dickinson.

Way to the top

In 1982 the band released their third album “The number of the Beast” which is considered to be an absolute classic for the whole genre of heavy metal. Songs became faster, and vocals of Bruce Dickinson opened new dimensions in the sound of the band. This album contained such songs as “The number of the Beast”, “Run to the Hills”, “Hallowed be thy name” and “The Prisoner” which are still in the bands playlist on every tour. In later years, Iron Maiden became a more experimental band, adding some progressive elements to their music, such as the usage of keyboards on “Seventh Son of the “Seventh Son” album or having three guitar players since “Dance of Death” album. The band also organized a tour that was called “Somewhere Back in Time World Tour.” On this tour, the band held concerts in some of the most secluded parts of the world, performing their classic songs. The main point of “Somewhere Back in Time World Tour” is to give fans, who weren’t able to see the band's previous shows due to political or geographical reasons, a chance to experience the classic 1980s hits.

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