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The group has been founded in London in the late sixties based on the commune of hippie, huddling in old barracks near Ladbroke Grove Park. Dave Brock (guitar, vocals), Nik Turner (saxophone, vocals), Mick Slattery (guitar), Dik Mik (electronics), John Harrison (bass) and Terry Ollis (percussions) were first known under the name of “Group X”. A little bit later, the name was changed to “Hawkwind Zoo”, and before the contract with a recording studio is reduced to “Hawkwind”.

About Hawkwind


The structure of the group was exposed to numerous changes, but in 1972 the kernel consisting of Brock, Turner, Dettmar (synthesizer), Lemmi (Ian Kilmister, bass), Simon King (percussions), and the author of texts Robert Calvert (vocals) was created. Michael Moorcock, helping to organize some concerts of “Hawkwind”, was a team member and quite often replaced Calvert. His surname was even mentioned on several albums. The next year the team was left by Simon House who joined David Bowie, and Brock, Calvert and King have to replace a sign with “Hawklords” to avoid legal complications. However, in 1979, the group returned to the former name.

Group’s Image

Fantastic image of the group was often emphasized in the names of disks, for example: “In Search Of Space” and “Space Ritual”. In 1972, there was a single with imperishable composition “Silver machine”, which took the 3rd place in the British charts and became some kind of business card of “Hawkwind”. In 1990, there was a surge in the popularity of “Hawkwind”, primarily due to interest to rave, and their album “Space Bandits” attracted a group of young audience. However, when their following album began to copy ideas of rave, it became obvious that inspiration had gone. “Palace Springs” contained not less than five cover tracks of early compositions.

21st Century

To the 30th anniversary from the date of formation of the group there was a “Hawkestra” project assuming reunion with participation of the group, former and real. The collection “Epocheclipse — 30 Year Anthology” has been prepared, but the performance of collective took place only on October 21, 2000. At the end of 2008, Atomhenge Records began to release “Hawkwind”’s back-catalogue of 1976 — 1997 in a format of two threefold CD anthologies “Spirit of the Age” (1976-84) and “The Dream Goes On” (1985-97).

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