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From the Jam is a relatively young band. It was founded less than ten years ago, in 2007, but what an outstanding history hides behind it! The band was formed by Bruce Foxton and Russell Hastings, the former members of The Jam - the legend of the British punk rock and mod revival music. It has been a long time, since the band performed as The Jam, but they still have numerous fans. There was even The Jam exhibition held in 2015. No wonder that today From the Jam continues The Jam’s tradition of success. 

About From the Jam

The Jam

A guitarist and vocalist Paul Weller formed The Jam in 1975. The other members were a drummer Rick Buckler and a bass player Bruce Foxton. They played in small clubs. In 1977, the Jam released an album In the City. It had a great success immediately. The same year, The Jam released another album - This Is the Modern World. In 1978, they recorded All Mod Cons that got #6 in the UK’s charts. In the early 80s, the Jam achieved real fame. All their records and songs became known at once, and they had (and still have) a great number of cover bands. In 1982, the song Beat Surrender reached the first place in the charts. Soon after this moment of glory, Paul Weller announced that he intended to disband The Jam. He wanted to leave at the top. So he did, but this is not the end of the story.

The New Start

From the Jam was not actually formed from The Jam. There was a huge difference between the two bands. From the Jam appeared from The Gift, the band called after The Jam’s last and the most successful album that got #1 in the British charts. It was founded in 2006 and in 2007 changed its name to From The Jam. Today, it is Bruce Foxton (vocals, bass guitar), Russell Hastings (vocals, guitar) and Steve Barnard (drums, percussion). From the Jam has recorded two studio albums Back in the Room (2012) and Smash the Clock (2015), featuring such songs as, Louder and Ride. Both albums were released under Bruce Foxton’s name.

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Sun, 10 Jul, 6:30 pm



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