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Two residents of Wilmette, the suburb of Chicago, began to play together in 2001. Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz started as a metal project, but were convinced soon that such musical direction did not suit them. “Green Day” inspired them much more and they started developing the pop punk. After this, the drummer Andrew Hurley joined Joe and Pete, and the last the vocalist and the guitarist Patrick Stump adjoined.

About Fall Out Boy

The Name

These four successors of nice traditions of the American pop punk, having united in 2001, played already several concerts, but couldn't think up the suitable name. At one of the concerts in a college, musicians asked the listeners to help. Someone from the hall shouted: “Fall Out Boy!” This foolish name was pleasant to the group though none of them then knew where it came from.

Self Attempts

In 2001, the four recorded and issued a demo recording with three songs by themselves, and in 2002, there was a label, which agreed to let the album with several tracks of “Fall Out Boy” and “Project Rocket”, one of the groups founded by Andrew Hurley. After emergence of the mini-album “Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend”, which received good comments in the local press, managers of several record companies began to cajole the young team.

Two First Albums

Musicians entrusted the edition of their debut disk to the Florida label of Fueled By Ramen. In 2003, a full-scale album “Take This to Your Grave”, which entered the Top 10 of independent rating of sales, appeared. In 2005, “Fall Out Boy” let out the second studio album “From Under the Cork Tree”, called after the children's book “The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf.

The Hits

The explosive single “Sugar, to We're Goin 'Down” was the first absolute hit, having subdued the 8th line of charts. The excellent video clip, which was actively rotated and MTV2 Award of MTV Video Music Awards 2005 played not the last role in it. The second single “Dance, Dance” did not lag behind in charts also. Even organizers of Grammy did not ignore the four.

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